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Healthy Eating

Make Your Life Healthier With a Mediterranean Diet

Make Your Life Healthier With a Mediterranean Diet

Many believe that the Mediterranean diet is not just a diet it is a lifestyle. It is something you have to commit to and wrap your life around. For many people, it is a natural way of life without any thought, for others they adopt this type of lifestyle so they can live healthier lives. Considered the healthiest diet in the world, it incorporates the basics of healthy eating with red wine and olive oil.  You can truly make your life healthier with a Mediterranean diet.


Research has found numerous benefits to adopting this eating plan. It has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, and reduces the incidence of cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Another important discovery for women is that it is considered the best way to prevent a stroke, which is the first cause of death in women. It offers benefits in other ways by helping to control cholesterol, high blood pressure, and control weight.

It Involves Exercise, and a Diet Centered on Red Wine and Olive Oil

It works simply by combining a few simple smart choices. There is a need for plenty of exercise, walking everywhere you want to go if possible. Lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains are eaten at every meal. Herbs and spices flavor food and there is more fish and poultry and less red meat. However, the biggest factors in the eating plan are olive oil and red wine.

Olive oil is the primary source of fat in the plan. This brings good fats into your meals. Trans and saturated fats are big contributors to heat disease, so replacing them with good fat reduces that risk. In addition, olive oil is full of antioxidants that help to lower cholesterol while being good for the heart.

Always Drink Alcohol in Moderation for Liver Health

Red wine is encouraged, although not a necessity, in this plan. Alcohol, in moderation, has some good health benefits. Past studies have associated a reduced risk of heart disease with red wine. Enjoying a glass with your meal is not only relaxing and allows you to enjoy your food more, but is good for your heart.

It is the combination of all these things that bring the plan together and makes it work. Vegetables, fruits, and whole grains provide the good fiber. The olive oil brings the good fats and spices and herbs bring the flavors. And, of course some red wine brings benefits and enjoyment at the same time.

The Mediterranean diet is nothing new. People have been living this way for decades; they just don’t call it dieting. Many today are living this lifestyle now, enjoying the many benefits of healthy eating for a healthy body with a food plan that tastes good.

Fresh and healthy! The Mediterranean diet (Health InFocus) 25.12.09 from InFocus on Vimeo.



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Sensible Eating Habits for Food Dehydrated

Food Dehydrated Is an Excellent Way of Preserving

Freeze Dried Camping Food

Before refrigeration process came into existence, two options available for folk to save foods were canning and food dehydrated. In the earlier days, folk used to hang different types of food stuffs like meat and veggies over the frames made from wood for dehydration.

Molds, yeast and bacteria make use of the food sources and water to grow and this process can be forestalled by removing the water contents. Since this enzyme action becomes slower dehydrated foods will last longer. It will be very easy to carry dehydrated food during traveling because the size and weight of the food stuffs will be greatly reduced. It is being achieved thanks to the removal of the water contents.

The Dehydration of Food Goes Back a Long Way

Dehydrated food can be made in alternative ways and in the earlier days, the most common practice was to make use of the sun. With the evolution of time, folks also began to use a stove for dehydration. Now the newest sensation known as food dehydrators have become extremely popular. It is simple to dehydrate foods having high quantity of water contents and low amount of fat.

The most common food items that can be simply dehydrated include stews, purees, vegetables, protein, fish and fruits to work into your good diet. The method of dehydration does not involve the removal of oil and fat contents and experimenting with fat-rich food won’t serve the purpose in any way. Dehydrated food items like powdered milk can’t be made at home and it demands more advanced equipments. Another important aspect is that foods with high moisture contents like watermelon and celery can’t be dehydrated because nothing will remain to preserve with the removal of the water contents.

Nutritional Content Can Be Saved with Food that Is Dehydrated

The Essential Guide To Healthy Healing Foods

The Essential Guide To Healthy Healing Foods

The method of cooking will adversely affect the nutritional value of the food because it will reduce the amount of vitamins, carbohydrates, fiber, potassium, magnesium, selenium, sodium, minerals and other types of nutrient elements. Dehydrated food addresses that problem by conserving all of the nutritive elements. Dehydration process of the fruits and vegetables do not involve cooking and that’s how it preserves the nutritional qualities. Quality dehydrated food stuffs can be characterized as a long lasting and healthy source of food.

Dehydrated food will always find a place in a well balanced food storage program. Nutritional content and shelf life make it the handiest food source in a storage program. Dehydrated fruits and vegetables can be kept safe for a year and the dried meat must be used inside 1 to 2 months. Dehydrated foods like noodles will last for a year too. These foods will have to be kept in a cool and dry location without high exposure to sunlight.

Places where there’s a chance for disaster can definitely rely on these types of foods. Many people use dehydration strategies compared with canning methods because it is the safest and economically realistic technique available. It may be said without an iota of doubt that dehydrated food promotes sensible eating procedures in the best manner.


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Cooking with Cast Iron Skillet for Healthier Cooking

Cooking With Cast Iron Skillet- It’s Truly Healthier

Cast Iron Skillet

When we look back to the hey-day of cooking with cast iron skillet, many people will look back fondly to those days.  It does date back a long time, but we still see movies about how families cooked with them, and somehow we think those times must have been better.  Actually, probably 90% of their lives back then were worse than we have it today, but once in a while we get one of those back-to-the-future items that did the job better than what we have now.

Cooking with Cast Iron Is Making a Comeback

Those cast iron skillets have been making a comeback in many kitchens, and for good reason.  Here we will point out the health benefits of cooking with this old standby, and why we highly recommend that anyone who is intent on spending more time in the kitchen cooking should use them.  They are much healthier than those low-priced pans we’ve been using the last few years.

If cooking with cast iron skillet has so many advantages, why did people stop using them years ago? It’s because they didn’t know of their health benefits back then.  Technology took over in the 1960’s, and Teflon-coated cookware that had non-stick properties replaced the heavy cast iron.  They were lighter to work with, cheaper (even though they didn’t last nearly as long), and seemed to do the job.

Cooking With Cast Iron Skillet Has the Three Following Advantages

Now we have had a chance to take a new look at Teflon, and cast iron now seems to be the healthier option.

Sizzling Skillets And Other One-Pot Wonders

Sizzling Skillets And Other One-Pot Wonders

1.    You’ll be able to use reduced oil.   The less oil we use in cooking, the better it will be for us health wise.  Some Healthy Oils are better than others, but all are high in calories.  So the more we can minimize the use of oils the better.

First, the skillet must be properly seasoned.  When it is it will have a shine to it, giving it non-stick properties.  To do this, pour a half inch of premium cooking oil in the skillet with a thick layer of kosher salt.  Next heat it until the oil starts to smoke.  Then pour everything into a container, use paper towels to rub the interior of the pan until it has a nice sheen. When cleaning, never use soap and water but rub it using a stiff brush, rinse with hot water and dry thoroughly.

2.    It’s a substance free alternative. Cooking with cast iron skillet will never give you the problems of dangerous chemicals.  The repellent that is used on non-stick Teflon pans contains fluorocarbons, or PFCs.  When these pans become heated to the extreme, these PFCs get released, and they become part of the air we breathe.  Furthermore, if the pan gets damaged or chipped, these damaging chemicals can be picked up by the food in the pan.  We have none of these issues cooking with cast iron.

3.    It fortifies the meal with iron.  What will leach into the food won’t be chemical substances, but iron, and that is a good thing for people with iron deficiency issuesIron deficiency is rather common, as it’s estimated that 10% of American women are iron-deficient.  Tomatoes are one type of food that can elevate iron content when cooked in cast iron by as much as 20 times.  This is due to their acidity.

Cast-iron skillets are great conductors of heat and be used almost indefinitely. If you are not into cooking, you might be interested to learn about how to combine food and spices, but strongly consider cooking with  cast iron skillet.


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Lactose Free Diet- How to Overcome Intolerance Discomfort

Get a Lactose Free Diet Using these Solutions

Lactose Free Diet

One Lactose Free Alternative

There are now dietary solutions for those needing a lactose free diet, and we will share a few of those options.  But first, what causes lactose intolerance and just what is it.  It is defined as the incapacity to digest and metabolize lactose which would be the sugar found in milk, is a condition which may lead to nausea, diarrhea, bloating as well as stomach pain.

It’s thought that, dependent upon what part of the world you live, there is better than a 50-50 likelihood you’ll develop the disorder as you grow older.  The severity of indicators varies on the person involved and the quantity of lactose consumed.  When the disorder for you personally or one of your family becomes an issue, there are actually methods to manage this regarding your diet as opposed to feeling the distress.

Alternatives to a Lactose Free Diet

Provided lactose avoidance will not be an option or when somebody simply doesn’t wish to give up those types of foods that  hold lactose, a supplementation of the enzyme lactase may be employed .  Lactase, simply put,  is an enzyme made in our digestive system that breaks down lactose, and supplements used in pill form can do the same task, with a few caveats.

To begin with, excess acid in the stomach can break it down, so taking it on an empty stomach may get rid of its effectiveness.  Next, it becomes ineffective when it is not within the small intestine prior to the problematical food arrives.  Thus for lactase supplements to work, you might have to research a little to find the precise timing and dosage to suit your particular requirements.

An alternative choice will be one of the numerous meals plans available which can be delivered to your door.  It’s possible to get a well balanced diet when eliminating dairy products, and there are plans that provide three meals each day plus snacks, seven days each week.  A plan like this would provide 50-60% of your calories that come from carbohydrates, 20-25% of calories from protein and less than 30% of the calories from fat.  They are in compliance with recommendations from the American Heart Association.

The Official Patient''s Sourcebook on Lactose Intolerance: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age

The Official Patient”s Sourcebook on Lactose Intolerance: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age

As with any diet plan that eliminates a food source that’s beneficial for your health, and dairy foods are a vital supply of calcium, you have to make up for the loss using other types of foods.  In lactose intolerant meal plans, non-dairy alternatives for calcium, including almonds, broccoli, soy products, kidney beans, oats and seafood would have to compensate for the difference of calcium.  A meal plan really takes the guesswork out of that.

Search the Internet for Lactose Free Recipes

Another option requires a little more effort, but through the help with the internet you may locate several exceptional recipes and concepts for lactose free diet alternatives.

1.    Baking.  Though not as tasty as butter, coconut oil and some dairy-free spreads (if devoid of lactose and whey) make adequate substitutes.  Soya or rice yoghurt can be substituted for yoghurt or milk for baking goods.

2.    Frying.  Butter results in a pleasant caramelizing taste, however olive or vegetable oil is often utilized in frying and sautéing.

3.    Custard and cream desserts.  The substitute milk products can be used with the usual recipes, but then might provide the dessert a slightly dissimilar taste than milk.  If that presents an issue, increase the amount of the flavoring you utilize, be it lemon, chocolate, etc.

There are approaches to get around the lactose intolerance issues, as dining will not be pleasing having to put up with the irritation.  If you found this information interesting, the eat clean diet is one more that you should read.


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Naturally Healthy Via Dieting And Smart Decisions

Make Yourself Naturally Healthy Via Wise Diet

Of course your goal is to find dieting methods that keep you naturally healthy. This should always be the goal–and it isn’t as difficult as you might think it is. What a lot of people do is try to take shortcuts with all the various diet methods on the market. From a marketing perspective, the brains behind those diets know exactly how to get people to believe in them.

Good marketing understands that buyers want results as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this can encourage millions of people to make some bad choices. So try to do the best thing for yourself and use these tips for finding natural health through healthy eating choices.

Naturally Healthy

Having a Naturally Healthy Lifestyle

Next we will give you one of the major points you need to remember when you are trying to achieve a naturally healthy way of living via your diet. The trick is to devise a good balanced diet and do not stray from it. There are many reasons why a lot of people fall off the diet wagon. For instance, the conditions may be too hard to maintain.

A tedious, stern type of diet can quickly become dull. Not only that but your body needs to have variety and some of those reasons are psychological. When your thinking becomes muddled, you may be more apt to give up on the whole scheme.  Methods to motivate you to lose weight often are helpful in keeping you on path to reach your goals.

Naturally Healthy Living Does Not Mean Pushing the Extremes

Shop Now at Health Med

You have probably heard of or tried different diets and as you have seen, some of them are pretty far out. By that I just mean they tend to be on the extreme edge of things. Although if you do opt for one of these crash diets, keep a few of these things in mind. One thing they are known for is not providing the suggested measure of nutritional elements. It may be a good idea to be wary of the time you ought to remain on a diet of this kind. It will not be a good idea to remain on one of these fad diets without changing it out once in awhile. This will keep you from diminished nutritional tendencies.

If you are overweight, then obviously you want to get rid of excess fat. You need to understand what to do for your body to burn that excess fat. You can do this a couple of different ways. There are certain types of fat-burning types of foods you can add to your diet. It is not a good idea to go on a starvation diet; this will put your body into a protection mode.  Or you can work it off with a healthy exercise routine.  Read more about that at

When Your Metabolism Is Working Optimally You Will be Naturally Healthy

Protection mode is when your metabolism is not working at optimal level and you certainly do not want this. When you eat more protein than usual, you will have a tendency to burn more body fat with your metabolism running at a higher rate of speed.

People can have differing opinions for every diet. Arguing about what is best is quite often fruitless because no diet plan works for every person the same way. When it comes to your life, your health, and your body, you should learn what you need to know and follow the path of your choosing.


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Best Breakfast Food- What to Look for and Also What to Avoid

Why the Best Breakfast Food Is So Important

Having your best breakfast food every day is an essential way to get your day going. This food not only has to be substantial enough to keep the hunger pangs at bay throughout the morning, but must have nutritional value.  Our blood sugar levels are the lowest at this time of day, and injecting sugar into the system is the last thing we need. This is going to be the meal that keeps us on track for the rest of the day.

The following are some of the foods you should never consume.  This obviously isn’t a complete list, and might include your favorites, but it will give you an idea of what you should be trying to avoid.

Do Not Include these in Your Breakfast


1.    Sugar.  Cereals that are sugar-based, along with sweet rolls will give you a sugar-jolt, but it isn’t the kind of jolt you’re looking for, especially that time of day.  You may avoid some of the sugar with cake doughnuts as yeast donuts, but the tradeoff is consuming twice as much fat.  The frying shortening they use may also be Tran’s fat.

2.    Saturated fats.  Bacon and sausage are breakfast favorites, but the saturated fats can lead to clogged arteries.  A better option to frying the meat would be to grill it, as that will eliminate much of the unwanted fat.

3.    Sodium.  Along with all that bad sugar an animal fat, breakfast food that is bad for you will have high levels of sodium.  Salt is one of the major causes of high blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease and stroke, two of the three highest causes of death in the US.

What to Look for in for Breakfast

Here are some of the things that should be among your best breakfast food:

The Big Book of Breakfast

The Big Book of Breakfast

1.    Protein.  Foods that will keep you going for a longer period of time are eggs, dairy products and lean meat. With most of these foods it is how they are prepared that is often the cause of problems. For instance, eggs eaten in moderation are great, but not when they are cooked in saturated fat. Try 100% whole-grain toast with peanut or almond butter for a quick, high protein start to the day.

2.    High fiber foods. High nutrition but low calorie breakfast options are fruits, vegetables and whole grains. For weight reduction, keep the fruits to portion-control size as they are elevated in fructose. We normally don’t often consider vegetables for breakfast, although a full English breakfast always includes beans.  But peppers, onions and mushrooms in an omelet is an excellent choice for breakfast.

3.    Fat-free Greek yogurt.  For breakfast dairy options, a fat-free Greek yogurt with fresh fruit is excellent.  It is fast becoming a favorite with yogurt lovers.

4.    Lemon in hot water.  Try squeezing a quarter of a fresh lemon into a cup of hot water, add a little cayenne pepper and stir.  This is a great for cleansing the liver and can be incorporated within your breakfast.  These are great liver cleansers, and taken every day will be great for helping this vital organ.

Time is often the biggest issue we have with getting a nutritious breakfast, but there are ways around this.  Much can often be done to prepare your breakfast the night before, so all you have to do is reheat and eat.  If you like hard-boiled eggs, they can be prepared in advance.  Just use a little creativity and you will be able to start the day with a healthy breakfast.



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Mediterranean Diet Plan- A Food Opportunity Everyone Should Regard

A Key to the Mediterranean Diet Plan- Olive Oil

Olive Oil is Used All Over the the World

The Mediterranean diet plan is a nutritional approach inspired by foods native to areas in Greece, Southern Italy and Sicily, and Crete.  The total diet is deemed to be healthy because of its emphasis on fruits, vegetable and lean meats, but the real star of the show might be olive oil.  The monounsaturated fatty acids in addition to the high concentration of antioxidants make it the important component in this healthy diet.  It is thought to be beneficial for people with heart issues.

Looking for the best in olive oils, the least processed is extra virgin.  It is the most pure because it is extracted from the olives initial press.  The origination of the this diet is mainly from where olives have been grown for centuries.

The Other Elements of the Mediterranean Diet

Included in the Mediterranean diet plan are unrefined cereals, veggies, fruits and high levels of legumes.  Dairy would include yogurt and cheese, plus eggs, fish and poultry, some red meat, and red wine.  Total fat to calories is 25-35%, and very low quantities of  saturated fats. Animal fat is not prevalent, dark whole grain bread is always used in lieu of white bread, and dairy products such as milk found in the American diet are mainly absent.

Plus this Diet Plan Is Delicious

But perhaps the aspect of a Mediterranean diet plan that we should be most thankful of it is great food to eat. Because fish are likely cured in salt, olives and salt-cured cheeses are high in salt content, which must be watched.  But spices and herbs are used in abundance, so they will relieve the necessity to season with salt.

Then there is an analysis of the diet published in the Archives of General Psychiatry that says that people who maintain a Mediterranean diet had less incident of depression.  We always say food should be an event, and people in this area truly make food an event.

Olive Oil Miracle

Olive Oil Miracle

Any healtheybalanceddiet should add the benefits of exercise, as this is is a necessary aspect to a good attitude on life. We always tout the advantages of Mediterranean meals, but just eating is not going to get you healthy.  I’ve been to Italy quite a few times, and there is probably not a flat surface in the country.  Walking those steep hills will keep you in shape along with the diet.

As with many areas in our small world, unhealthy foods have made their way into these markets. As a result, the locals are no longer eating a diet rich in these foods on an exclusive basis.  Processed foods are making their way into all areas.

Finally this brings us to the Mediterranean diet paradox, which says that people who live in these areas don’t experience all the health benefits that the diet is suppose to offer.  Like the French diet paradox, it is impossible to make broad assessments based on diets supposedly consumed in a particular area.  These are not scientific tests done under controlled circumstances.

We do know if these diets are consumed over a period of time, you will experience positive health benefits.


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Clean Eating Meal Plan Proven to Lose Weight

Clean Eating Meal Plan

Losing weight through a clean eating meal plan does not have to become impossible, or even difficult. This meal delivery plan is proven to lose weight.  It require some discipline, as long as you stay on a relatively easy to follow schedule. No more traveling to the supermarket and reading ingredients labels and check calories.  Just choose a plan that is right for you, such as vegan, low-fat vegetarian, diabetic, or just a traditional low-fat option.

We know you want to improve your diet.  Our site deals with many of the issues involved in not just making your diet more healthy, but more interesting. Meals that are delivered offer an entire array of plans relating to healthy diet. If you are into cooking your own meals, meals from the Mediterranean are another way of eating that is an excellent diet that is both healthy and delicious.

Is a Clean Eating Meal Plan Expensive?

Eat Clean Diet For Family & Kids

Eat Clean Diet For the Whole Family

You probably reason that to get prepared meals delivered to you would have to be very expensive, or of poor quality.  Not anymore.  The whole industry has come far in the last few years, and although there are high priced alternatives, you don’t have to pay a premium.

There are also some great values for meals that nearly everyone can afford.  Diets-to-Go have many different plans that range in cost from less than $20.00 per day.  This would include three meals every day.  Their highest priced meal is under $23.oo per day for a thirty net carbohydrate meal, and that includes twenty one meals each week.

You never have to worry about the quality, and they deliver more than 30000 meals each week. Obviously they can’t afford to let their quality slip. If you eat out regularly you could easily save money by replacing those meals with clean eating meal plans, and have greater control over your portions in the process.

Let’s say you are away from home quite a lot.  Most programs will allow for that.  If you’re on a trip for a week, you can stop the program and resume it at no cost when you return. There is flexibility also for if you don’t want lunch for instance, just write it out of your plan. Indulgence foods are also provided, but they stay safely in your healthy diet.

Here Is How a Clean Eating Meal Plan Work

clean eating meal plan

An Example of a Meal Delivered to Your Doorstep


The way they work is to shop around and find one that fits your needs specifically. After you have chosen your plan and the number of meals you would like delivered weekly, the rest is up to them. Condiments, juices and other treats will be built in.

There is a great variety in the meals delivered to you, and it changes on a weekly basis. A sampling of what you may get would be chicken pizza with broccoli and for desserts angel food cake with a cream sauce made from strawberries. A further example is a medley of seafood and a small grain roll, and for dessert chocolate pudding.

Is simple, quite inexpensive, offers a great deal of flexibility, and if you work exercise in you should lose weight. We highly recommend Diets-to-Go, but there are other choices such as Nutrisystem, BistroMD, eDiets, and many others. All have their advantages, but it is up to you to pick and choose the one right for you.


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Signs of Food Allergy and Food Intolerance

Signs of Food Allergy v. Food Intolerance

Signs of food allergy and food intolerance can have some of the same indicators, as they can cause confusion as a result.  Intolerance for certain foods usually does not bring on critical issues that food allergies often do, plus they usually cause problems only in the digestive system.  Food allergies on the other hand can severely affect vital body organs that can be life-threatening.

signs of food allergies

Common Foods that Cause Allergic Reaction

When you have a negative response to a certain food, you should be familiar with the differences in the two.  The threat to your health plus your treatment remedies will be different for each.  Take a look at some of the Meal Delivery Plans on our website www. such as or versatile diets from Diets-to-Go that are available.  Using these meal plans will provide you a prepared diet that can address these dietary needs.

Be Aware of the Signs of Food Allergy in Various Foods

As stated, thinking you have an allergy to a certain food could just be intolerance.  One of the primary examples of the inability to digest a certain food is lactose.  Lactose intolerance is a sort of irritable bowel syndrome, and they may be caused by psychological issues such as stress, gluten, (a protein found in wheat and other grains), or food poisons caused by toxins.

The Food Allergy Cure

The Food Allergy Cure

Another issue for dietary concerns is the sensitivity for food additives.  Sulfur-based compounds in the form of sulfites can appear in foods naturally or as additives to enhance the taste of food or as preservatives.  It is estimated by the FDA that 1% of the population in the US may have susceptibility to the compound, and that is probably understated.  Plus it can crop up at any time, and its causes are unknown at present

Sulfites are now banned on vegetables and fruits that can be eaten without being cooked, such as apples, they could still be found in processed foods.  By reading ingredient labels on all foods, and checking for such ingredients as sodium metabisulfite, potassium bisulfate or metabisulfite, sodium bisulfate or sulfur dioxide, you can go along way to protecting yourself from these harmful ingredients.

Signs of Food Allergy Are More Critical

Food allergies can be much more problematical.  These reactions to food protein happen when the body’s immune system, mistakenly identifying food proteins as a threat, causes an allergic reaction.  These reactions can range from mild to critical.

Some of the areas that may be infected would be the skin, often in the form of hives.  Also, stomach ache and nausea may occur, but the most serious is when the respiratory tract is closed.  Termed anaphylaxis, medical attention should be sot immediately.

Peanuts are one of the most common foods to bring on these conditions, and they can be very harsh.  If you do have any food allergies and are dining out, it would be a good idea to let them know before ordering.

Diet has such a huge part in our quality of life, but not only what good things foods can do for us but also what harm they may cause.  Certain foods that are perfectly safe and normal for some people to eat can be life-threatening for others.  And it really gets dicey when people who have had no allergic reaction to certain foods suddenly break out in a rash.  Understanding the difference in an allergy and just intolerance is something we all should be aware of.

Understanding the liver’s function in all of this will help to appreciate the significance of this vital organ.  Its part in eliminating poisons, and what we can do to help the process is an part in our overall health.  Putting these foods that cleanse the liver into our diet is believed to play an important role in our ability to deal with these toxins as they enter our body.   These are types of foods that are commonplace in most diets.


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Mediterranean Diet Recipes for a Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Recipes

A Mediterranean diet is now considered one of the healthiest diets we can have, and are the foods that make up the Mediterranean diet recipes, with a few exceptions were highly recommended by most dietitians. They have traditionally been the culture of coastal regions of Greece and southern Italy for generations. The Mediterranean diet was brought to most of the rest of the world following the Second World War when military personnel who were serving in the area spread the word as to their benefits. Mediterranean recipe books began appearing in the 1990’s giving the Mediterranean diet its present-day effect.

Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Olive Oil is a Characteristic of the Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Diet and health reports have linked the Mediterranean diet to longer life, lower cardiovascular disease, dementia and various cancers.  It is also believed to help prevent Type-2 diabetes in addition to Parkinson’s disease and gall bladder issues. That is quite an impressive record. But here we will scrutinize whether the Mediterranean diet plan also promotes fat loss.

The Lifestyle Benefits of Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Weight loss is not the primary objective of the Mediterranean diet, but it is thought more as a way of life.  Consumed on a regular basis it will provide the necessary nutritional intake that we all need, and because it has these benefits it will contribute to weight loss. Here are some of the characteristics that are key to Mediterranean diet recipes:

  1. Abundant in plant food.  Vegetables and fruits are a mainstay in the diet, and because they are seasonally grown and fresh the processing will be minimal.
  2. Limited beef.  In its place will be fish (at least twice each week) and poultry.
  3. More natural foods; less processed foods.  Mediterranean diet recipes emphasize natural foods that are foods that are unprocessed.  In most cases because they are organic, or have been treated minimally by chemicals, you will not have the issues that come with putting pesticides into you system.
  4. Use of olive oil.  The advantages of using olive oil as opposed to other oils are well documented.  Its abundance of antioxidative substances and because it is more monounsaturated fat makes it a much healthier fat alternative.
  5. Herbs and spices.  These are used in abundance when flavoring foods in lieu of salt.
  6. Low-fat dairy.  Skim milk, low-fat cheese and yogurt that are fat-free will be a part to the diet.
  7. Red wine.  Used in moderation during meal, this not only makes the dining experience better for many people but have health benefits in their own right.
Mediterranean Diet Cookbook For Dummies

Mediterranean Diet Cookbook For Dummies

This is simply a quick outline of the Mediterranean diet. As pointed out, it is not designed specially as a low fat diet program for rapid weight loss.  However because of the foods it promotes (and conversely meals that you need to avoid), if consumed moderately and with some exercise, it’s going to spontaneously help you to lose extra pounds.

It should not be considered a quick-fix, and if you must drop ten pounds for your wedding next week, using the Mediterranean diet for the week undoubtedly will not do that. It is a long-term approach to living a fit lifestyle. It is a diet where you’ll be able to consume ample quantities of delicious meals with multiple methods in which they can be prepared.

We have found that most diets, if rigorously followed over a period of time, will yield weight reduction results. But the difficulty becomes when dieters are tempted by foods that aren’t within their dieting regimen. They may not be able to continue that Spartan way of life and then give in to temptation, and the matter is blamed on the shortage of determination. Mediterranean diet recipes take away the need for strength of will and that is what makes it dissimilar from most diet programs.



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