Are There Crash Diets That Work?

Answering the question “are there crash diets that work” involves a bit of wordplay.  The next question would be “for how long” and then at what risk to your health.  There are crash diets that can temporarily lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, but they can be dangerous and almost certainly won’t be long-term.  Plus the way these crash diet programs are promoted are often shady at best.

What to Watch For When Searching Out Crash Diets

A few of the quick fix diet programs artists are crafty to cash in on whatever latest lose-weight phenomenon is in vogue, and here are a few of the warning signs of lose fat quick scams for fat reduction:

• Watch out for recurring billing, as they often are next to hopeless to get out of. They suddenly get deaf to your termination requests.

• Beware of anything with a complimentary trial, but necessitates you to cancel by a particular point within your billing cycle. Typically, you’ll get your free trial, although they will ask or your bank card number. You will then be routinely billed following three weeks as part of the recurring billing agenda. When you try to cancel, the fun begins. Either the telephone is disconnected, or they leave you on hold indefinitely, or provide you with some lame explanation why they cannot cancel your order. In any event, it’s a problem you do not desire.

• A different crash diets selling trick is to incorporate some unrelated product which has its own recurring billing plan with the product they promote.

• Check out their email address. If they don’t list a phone number or physical address, it’s an indication of problems.

These details are often buried in a few difficult to locate pages with the “fine print”, but normally can be found. Google the company’s name, and see what the outcomes are, and look up this company on the website of the Better Business Bureau. If they have countless complaints against them, or are not listed at all, you might have considered trying avoiding them. Clearly every business that has unhappy customers isn’t a quick fix diet programs scammer, but dependable firms are in business for the long term, and they can’t afford to have unanswered complaints or unsettled problems. It isn’t worth it to them. The lose weight quick businesses that function on a short-term basis just above the law are hard for the authorities to keep up with.

How to Find Better Options to the Quick Fix

Our page Cheat on Diet goes into aspects of how to maintain a long-term approach to diet by allowing small indulgences during the diet.  The Diet Solution Program is a superb video with great information on long-term approach to diet, and Diets-to-Go and The Mediterranean Diet are two extensive, life style approaches to better diet and health.

As with all fast, quick, and simple statements, constantly beware of unreasonable guarantees, as to do anything successfully requires time and some quantity of work. If it appears too good to be true, it is. Losing weight for the long term calls for an extended-term, lifestyle approach, and can’t be completed with quick fix diets. The testimonies from the disbelieving journalist who drew the short straw to test the latest product, certain that it wouldn’t succeed, then in 15 short days became a complete convert, well, these lose fat quick stories just do not happen. But don’t be depressed. As in most things that are worthwhile, the journey may be more rewarding than accomplishing the objective, and looking at weight reduction as a lifestyle change rather than through quick fix diets will be the most rewarding approach.



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