Diet Home Delivery-

Diet home delivery of quality, healthy meals has been one of the main businesses of for several years and have helped many to a healthy proper diet.  Starting in 1997, has over two million members who they have provided professional diet and fitness advice, information, services and products to improve overall health and longevity.  Their diet home delivery plan will help anyone lose that belly fat in a short period of time.

The four programs weight loss programs they promote are:

  1. Weight loss plan. Features smart carbs and lean protein and a wide variety of choices.
  2. Glycemic Impact Diet.  Concentrating on keeping energy levels up and combating mood swings by providing 5-6 meals a day.
  3. Mediterranean Diet.  We have promoted the benefits of this diet on these pages, as it focuses on fresh, unprocessed whole foods.
  4. Diet home delivery for maximum weight loss.  Our focus on these pages is finding the best meal delivery program for you, so this is the area we will concentrate on.

eDiets Meal Delivery Plan - 1 FREE Week! Diet Home Delivery Program- Deliciously Yours

A premier food website, has acknowledged as the best meal delivery service based on factors such as flavor, nutrition, portion size, convenience, variety and customer service and support.   If you are undecided with the meal program you want to go with, there is an easy little questionnaire to fill out which will provide your profile.  From there they will personalize a plan to fit your needs for weight reduction.  Then they offer either a seven day or a five day plan.  The seven day plan offers four meals a day, the fourth being a snack or dessert.  There are over 100 meals and desserts to choose from, and they offer live support from registered dietitians.

How We Size Up

If you are looking for a plan that has high quality food, are on the go a lot and do not require a specialized diet, this program is priced in line with other quality-food programs and is a good choice.  If you have a specific medical concern that requires a specialized meal plan, you should review the DeliciouslyYours program with your doctor prior to joining. DeliciouslyYours is designed to promote good health but may not conform to your specific dietary needs.  Also, I found their website to be not as easy to navigate as some others, but if you can get by those issues, we highly recommend you look at for your meal delivery service.