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Is Margarine Vegan

Don’t Turn to Margarine When on a Vegan Diet

People who are with a narrow vegan diet have to erase butter from their food intake, so a logical substitute would be to look at margarine alternatives.  From a strict nutrition standpoint, we’d  never advocate margarine acting as an alternative.  Our article on What Is Margarine points out what we believe will be several health hazards associated with margarine. So the questions are: is margarine vegan, and when genuine butter isn’t an alternative, what is?


As it becomes better recognized, people see many benefits to be on a vegan diet plan, and some of these don’t have anything to do with health.  Caring for the ecosystem and welfare of animals will be at the top of some people’s reasons.  But as for the foods we include in this diet, we could make the case that butter would hardly be considered a smart alternative.  So to answer the issue regarding the suitability of margarine for vegans, there are a few options.

Is Margarine Vegan?  In Most Cases, No

For the most part margarine includes minute quantities of dairy byproducts including whey or lactose.  A couple of brands will not, and to be sure while looking for your margarine which is wholesome vegan product, you will find some that are sold as vegan non-dairy spreads.  Some of these ingredients you may be inspecting the ingredient labels for would be caseinate, casein, whey and lactose.  Those would be dairy derivatives found often in margarine.  Conceivably a different less tasty option could be margarine composed of 100% soybean oil and nothing else.  They are probably best used in baking.


However, can we have the better of both worlds and then come up with a vegan product which won’t have the health and dietary problems with  margarine?

1.    Avocado butter.  No, not the one to put on your skin, but on a bagel or to use being a spread.  You will find several recipes online, a few of which are compound butters.  A compound butter is one which additional flavors or ingredients are added.  Although it is high in fats, fairly recent scientific studies have revealed that through regular use avocados had been accountable for a sizable decline in total blood cholesterol.  High-density lipoprotein, or healthy fat amounts, climbed, which are acknowledged to lower the chance of heart diseases.

2.    Coconut oil.  This oil is very heart-healthy.  Although elevated with saturated fats, they don’t have the same effect on the body as animal saturated fats.  It is important to employ coconut oil in its virgin condition and never as hydrogenated oil.  There are many ideas on the web with using it as a healthier alternative to butter or margarine in baking, and somebody had the terrific idea of utilizing it on popcorn as a alternate for butter.

3.    Peanut butter.  When you are looking for additional fiber, substitute butter or margarine with peanut butter as a spread.  Margarine is made from oil, and contains no nutritional fiber.  Nut butters like almond butter or peanut butter include way more good health benefits than your normal alternatives.  Another brilliant suggestion is to blend your favorite nuts and seeds in a blender until they develop a thick paste.  Add a small quantity of healthy oil to thin and you have a delicious nut butter.

The point is, if you’re adhering to a vegan diet you do not have to step down to margarine just because it is a substitute to butter.  There are several healthy choices that actually taste better, but it involves thinking differently with regards to your diet.

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