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Cooking with Cast Iron Skillet for Healthier Cooking

Cooking With Cast Iron Skillet- It’s Truly Healthier

Cast Iron Skillet

When we look back to the hey-day of cooking with cast iron skillet, many people will look back fondly with nostalgia.  It does date back a long time, but we still see movies about how families cooked with them, and somehow we think those times must have been better.  Actually, probably 90% of their lives back then were worse than we have it today, but once in a while we get one of those back-to-the-future items that did the job better than what we have now.

Cooking with Cast Iron Is Making a Comeback

Those cast iron skillets have been making a comeback in many kitchens, and for good reason.  Here we will point out the health benefits of cooking with this old standby, and why we highly recommend that anyone who is intent on spending more time in the kitchen cooking should use them.  They are much healthier than those low-priced pans we’ve been using the last few years.

If cooking with cast iron skillet has so many advantages, why did people stop using them years ago? It’s because they didn’t know of their health benefits back then.  Technology took over in the 1960’s, and Teflon-coated cookware that had non-stick properties replaced the heavy cast iron.  They were lighter to work with, cheaper (even though they didn’t last nearly as long), and seemed to do the job.

Cooking With Cast Iron Skillet Has the Three Following Advantages

Now we have had a chance to take a new look at Teflon, and cast iron now seems to be the healthier option.

Sizzling Skillets And Other One-Pot Wonders

Sizzling Skillets And Other One-Pot Wonders

1.    You’ll be able to use reduced oil.   The less oil we use in cooking, the better it will be for us health wise.  Some Healthy Oils are better than others, but all are high with Caloric Content.  So the more we can minimize the use of oils the better.

First, the skillet must be properly seasoned.  When it is it will have a shine to it, giving it non-stick properties.  To do this, pour a half inch of premium cooking oil in the skillet with a thick layer of kosher salt.  Next heat it until the oil starts to smoke.  Then pour everything into a container, use paper towels to rub the interior of the pan until it has a nice sheen. When cleaning, never use soap and water but rub it using a stiff brush, rinse with hot water and dry thoroughly.

2.    It’s a substance free alternative. Cooking with cast iron skillet will never give you the problems of dangerous chemicals.  The repellent that is used on non-stick Teflon pans contains perflurocarbons, or PFCs.  When these pans become heated to the extreme, these PFCs get released, and they become part of the air we breathe.  Furthermore, if the pan gets damaged or chipped, these damaging chemicals can be picked up by the food in the pan.  We have none of these issues cooking with cast iron.

3.    It fortifies the meal with iron.  What will leach into the food won’t be chemical substances, but iron, and that is a good thing for people with iron deficiency issues.  Iron Deficiency is rather common, as it’s estimated that 10% of American women are iron-deficient.  Tomatoes are one type of food that can elevate iron content when cooked in cast iron by as much as 20 times.  This is due to their acidity.

Cast-iron skillets are great conductors of heat and be used almost indefinitely. If you a’re into cooking, you might be interested to learn about how to combine Food and Spices, but strongly consider cooking with  cast iron skillet.


Diabetic Meal Plans- An Excellent Way to Manage Diabetes

Diabetics Should Consider Diabetic Meal Plans

Recent facts on diabetes say 8.3% of the US population is affected, and diabetic meal plans has become answer. The way for managing diabetes with these meal plans becomes more important all the time.  More people than ever are being diagnosed with diabetes, and there is an estimated seven million more people who go undiagnosed.  The ideal solution for many people with diabetes is to have the experts prepare and deliver their meals on a daily basis.

Some of the Symptoms of Diabetes

The Low-Starch Diabetes Solution: Six Steps to Optimal Control of Your Adult-Onset (Type 2) Diabetes

The Low-Starch Diabetes Solution: Six Steps to Optimal Control of Your Adult-Onset (Type 2) Diabetes

As carbohydrates and sugars turn into glucose through digestion, they are sent into the bloodstream.  Insulin, which is a hormone, is produced in the pancreas and helps transport this glucose into our cells.  When a person is affected with Type 1 diabetes, the body cannot produce any insulin.  Type 2 diabetes, which about 90% of all diabetics have, means that not enough insulin is produced.

Devoid of insulin, the bloodstream will become overburdened with glucose, and eventually conditions such as kidney failure, heart disease, blindness, and even amputation of the lower extremities may result.  It is another reason why we should keep sugars and carbohydrates down, as High Carb Low Fat Diets are not ideal healthwise.

Why Are Diabetic Meal Plans So Important?

For those under forty diabetes symptoms can come on quickly.  Things to look out for are wounds that heal slowly, leg pain, fatigue, vision that is blurred, dry mouth or always thirsty, urinating frequently and headaches.

More damage can result to the body the longer these conditions go undiagnosed, so it is imperative to get checked immediately if your symptoms are suspect. The management aspect of diabetes can be lifesaving, as there is no cure for the condition. Not only will blood sugar levels have to be kept under control, but cholesterol levels and Blood Pressure is also important to maintain.

Managing Diabetes With Diabetic Meal Plans Is Key

diabetic meal plansObviously diabetics don’t have much of a safety net when it comes to managing their diet. Learning how to deal with glucose overload in the bloodstream is vital, so their diet intake takes on major importance. Diabetes medication will help, but it must work harder if the diet is not modified.  A Meal Delivery Plan  specically for diabetics in combination with a physical fitness program will help the medication allow you to feel better.

These meal plans are portion controlled, are low in calories and fat which will help people with diabetes with weight loss.  Being overweight is one of the primary triggers to diabetes.  Keeping the weight down plus providing a diet plan that specifically addresses dietary needs of diabetics are why they provide such a valuable service.

To use them, remove the plastic layer that protects the product. Put the product in a conventional or microwave oven, and reheat. The portions of sweets and desserts are small, but are still part of the meal.  Dieticians put together these meals with the knowledge and experience of knowing what is best for people on diabetic meal plans.

Many famous people, celebrities and athletes alike, have been able to live productive lives with diabetes. But they will have to watch their diet closely, as the body does not allow the safety net for diabetics as for the rest of us.  By maintaining our proper weight, continuing to exercise and always watching our diet, we will not only be able to control diabetes but for those of us without the condition prevent its occurrence. Check out our article regarding the link between Diabetes and Gum Disease found recently.


Mediterranean Diet Recipes for a Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Mediterranean diet recipes have traditionally been the culture of coastal regions of Greece and southern Italy for generations.  This diet offers many nutritional benefits that are found in most fat burning foods. The world first became exposed to this diet following the Second World War, as military personnel who served in the area spread the word as to their benefits. In the middle 1990s various recipe cookbook gave the diet its present-day effect.

Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Olive Oil is a Characteristic of the Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Diet and health reports have linked the Mediterranean diet to longer life, lower cardiovascular disease, dementia and various cancers.  It is also believed to help prevent Type-2 diabetes in addition to Parkinson’s disease and Gall Bladder Problems. That is quite an impressive record. But here we will scrutinize whether the Mediterranean Diet Plan also promotes fat loss.

The Lifestyle Benefits of Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Weight loss is not the primary objective of the Mediterranean diet, but it is thought more as a way of life.  Consumed on a regular basis it will provide the necessary nutritional intake that we all need, and because it has these benefits it will contribute to weight loss. Here are some of the characteristics that are key to Mediterranean diet recipes:

  1. Abundant in plant food.  Vegetables and fruits are a mainstay in the diet, and because they are seasonally grown and fresh the processing will be minimal.
  2. Limited beef.  In its place will be fish (at least twice each week) and poultry.
  3. More natural foods; less processed foods.  Mediterranean diet recipes emphasize natural foods that are foods that are unprocessed.  In most cases because they are Organic, or have been treated minimally by chemicals, you will not have the issues that come with putting pesticides into you system.
  4. Use of olive oil.  The advantages of using Olive Oil as opposed to other oils are well documented.  Its abundance of antioxidative substances and because it is more monounsaturated fat makes it a much healthier fat alternative.
  5. Herbs and spices.  These are used in abundance when flavoring foods in lieu of salt.
  6. Low-fat dairy.  Skim milk, low-fat cheese and yogurt that are fat-free will be a part to the diet.
  7. Red wine.  Used in moderation during meal, this not only makes the dining experience better for many people but have health benefits in their own right.
Mediterranean Diet Cookbook For Dummies

Mediterranean Diet Cookbook For Dummies

This is simply a quick outline of the Mediterranean diet recipes. As pointed out, it is not designed specially as a low fat diet program for rapid weight loss.  However because of the foods it promotes (and conversely meals that you need to avoid), if consumed moderately and with some exercise, it’s going to spontaneously help you to lose extra pounds.

It should not be considered a quick-fix, and if you must drop ten pounds for your wedding next week, using the Mediterranean diet for the week undoubtedly will not do that. It is a long-term approach to living a fit lifestyle. It is a diet where you’ll be able to consume ample quantities of delicious meals with multiple methods in which they can be prepared.

We have found that most diets, if rigorously followed over a period of time, will yield weight reduction results. But the difficulty becomes when dieters are tempted by foods that aren’t within their dieting regimen. They may not be able to continue that Spartan way of life and then give in to temptation, and the matter is blamed on the shortage of determination. Mediterranean diet recipes take away the need for strength of will and that is what makes it dissimilar from most diet programs.

So now you hopefully are won over that this diet will be of help to you, you’ll need to know how to arrange some of these delectable low fat diet dishes. There are many excellent cookbooks on the market.  Or if you don’t have much time to cook, check out our site on Meal Delivery Plans to have your healthy meals prepared and delivered.