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Steel Cut vs Rolled Oats

Steel-Cut vs Rolled Oats- What is Healthier for You?

When it relates to breakfast food, you can’t do much better than oatmeal.  At the time I was living in Great Britain it always went by the name of porridge, and although many people eat oatmeal in the United States it it seems to be more popular there than in the U.S.  It has a long and important history there, as it had been the peasant food for centuries, particularly in Scotland and Ireland.

When these places weren’t blessed with an abundance of healthy natural types of foods like we will witness in the Mediterranean region, having oatmeal being a basic became extremely important.  Dietary fiber will be on the top of its list of nutrients, plus the bonus here with oatmeal is its combination of roughly 50/50 insoluble and soluble fibers.  Both are really important to our health for suitable digestion.  It will be moreover thought to be heart-healthy due to its tocotrienols, which are antioxidant compounds which inhibit cholesterol synthesis giving you lower blood cholesterol.

Oatmeal Offers Great Benefits in Dietary Fiber

Other benefits to having soluble dietary fiber in the body is the way it controls blood glucose and insulin levels, therefore preventing insulin spikes and diabetic problems.  It really works by slowing down digestion by forming a gel in the intestines as it becomes absorbed in water.  The gel becomes digested more slowly, prolonging the length of time the carbohydrates become taken into the system.  With slower absorption dramatic spikes of sugar levels in your blood stream will be avoided.

Which takes us to the initial query: what is actually better, steel cut vs rolled oats..  The answer is from an absorption point of view, we are going to go with the steel cut oats.  They are basically identical oats as rolled, but it is the way they are processed that produces the difference.  Since steel-cut are denser, they are going to take longer to digest as opposed to rolled oats.  And generally speaking, the more any food is processed, or the less natural it really is, the less healthy it will be for you.  The minimal quantity of processing that goes into steel-cut oats make them the more healthy alternative.

Steel Cut vs Rolled Oats Are a Little Harder to Prepare

The downside (but it isn’t really much of a downside when health is concerned) is that they’re a bit harder to prepare.  Steel cut oats require somewhat longer to cook up, although we believe it’s worth the time.  Blend 3 cups of water, one cup of steel cut oats, and a small amount of salt to bring out the naturally nutty flavor.  Similar to cooking rice or quinoa, bring to a boil, after that reduce the heat back to let it simmer but don’t cover the pan.  Stir regularly then at roughly the 20 minute mark start checking the progress of the oats.  The longer you let it cook at this point, the less chewy it is going to be.

Finish the oatmeal off with some fruit, dried or fresh, and toasted nuts.  Cinnamon additionally works well, as does a spoonful of honey or maple syrup.  If you are cooking breakfast for only one or two people, it is possible to prepare a larger amount and store it in the fridge for up to a week.  Just microwave it for only a minute, mix in a little milk and heat for another minute.

Late Night Snacks- Here Is What to Eat and Not Eat

For Your Late Night Snacks, Careful What You Eat

There has been quite a lot of research with the consequences of your late night snacks consumption and its effect on weight gain, and unfortunately one can find conflicting views.  Some experts have concluded that when you consume fat will not make a difference that the body will deal with it the same whether it is day or night.

Late night snacksOthers say the time of day you take in calories will make a great deal of difference.  They say our bodies will process these nutrients differently depending on the time of day.  They point to workers who must eat at odd hours of the day because of shift work and their tendency to be overweight.  But for those of us who do eat prior to bedtime, what we eat and how much will have a bearing on our ability to sleep, and all of this will affect our weight.

To Sleep More Efficiently, Avoid These Foods

What are a few foods that we should try to avoid before bedtime?  Some of them, by the way, might actually be good for you most of the time, just not to get you through a long nights slumber.

Snacks Can Be Nutritious And Good Choices For Kids1.  Spicy types of foods.  These types of foods naturally can cause indigestion and other stomach issues.  They can also initiate other issues when they trigger endorphins to be released.  This can cause difficulty in sleeping.
2.  Caffeine.  Most people would not down coffee before bedtime and anticipate falling to sleep, nonetheless could be unaware that many foods, for example dark chocolate, contain enough caffeine to keep you wide awake.
3.  High fat foods.  If what you eat is heavy in oils or cheese it will sit within the digestive area during the night.
4.  Ice cream.  The sugar within ice cream, along the sugar contained in every fare such as sweet cereals or candy, aren’t the things you need within your system prior to going to sleep.
5. Red meat.  Since it requires the proteins and fat a long time for digestion in beef, it just is going to sit in your digestive system, causing sleep to become a difficulty.
6. Nuts.  They are very healthy, however their fiber could make digestion complicated, causing restless nights.

If you did not realize it, healthy meal delivery plans (see include built-in snacks to account for your pre sleep food shortage bouts.  Now for some good for you late night snack choices:

1.    Blueberries.  A small amount will certainly give you natural vitamins, fiber and antioxidants.  Top using just a little light whipping cream.
2.   Popcorn.  Fat-free microwave popcorn, or air-pop your own, and do not add any butter.  Rather experiment a little with spices, maybe incorporating some sweet cinnamon, cayenne pepper for a little gusto, or tangy lime powder.  Permit your mind to run wild, but utilize with moderate quantities.
3.    Lean meat on whole wheat bread.  Just keep it to reasonable portion amount.
4.    Fat free Greek yogurt.  Quickly getting to be a popular wonder product you should eat, it will be elevated in protein, reduced in sugar, and really makes you feel full.  Include your ideal fruit.
5.     Crackers.  As opposed to nuts, one can find healthful kinds such a reduced-fat rye, multi grain Wasa crackers, or numerous other healthy choices.  Add a small slice of lean lunch meat or light cheese.
6.    Water.  Lastly, and maybe most importantly, water (see does drinking water help you to lose weight) alleviates drying out, which is one of the foremost causes for hunger and cravings.  Water and a bit of something else might be everything you need.

A couple of final thoughts:  it is a snack and not a meal, so keep it to under 300 calories, and don’t eat minimally an hour prior to going to sleep to give you a little time to digest.


Lactose Free Diet- How to Overcome Intolerance Discomfort

Get a Lactose Free Diet Using these Solutions

Lactose Free Diet

One Lactose Free Alternative

There are now dietary solutions for those needing a lactose free diet, and we will share a few of those options.  But first, what causes lactose intolerance and just what is it.  It is defined as the incapacity to digest and metabolize lactose which would be the sugar found in milk, is a condition which may lead to nausea, diarrhea, bloating as well as stomach pain.

It’s thought that, dependent upon what part of the world you live, there is better than a 50-50 likelihood you’ll develop the disorder as you grow older.  The severity of indicators varies on the person involved and the quantity of lactose consumed.  When the disorder for you personally or one of your family becomes an issue, there are actually methods to manage this regarding your diet as opposed to feeling the distress.

Alternatives to a Lactose Free Diet

Provided lactose avoidance will not be an option or when somebody simply doesn’t wish to give up those types of foods that  hold lactose, a supplementation of the enzyme lactase may be employed .  Lactase, simply put,  is an enzyme made in our digestive system that breaks down lactose, and supplements used in pill form can do the same task, with a few caveats.

To begin with, excess acid in the stomach can break it down, so taking it on an empty stomach may get rid of its effectiveness.  Next, it becomes ineffective when it is not within the small intestine prior to the problematical food arrives.  Thus for lactase supplements to work, you might have to research a little to find the precise timing and dosage to suit your particular requirements.

An alternative choice will be one of the numerous meals plans available which can be delivered to your door.  It’s possible to get a well balanced diet when eliminating dairy products, and there are plans that provide three meals each day plus snacks, seven days each week.  A plan like this would provide 50-60% of your calories that come from carbohydrates, 20-25% of calories from protein and less than 30% of the calories from fat.  They are in compliance with recommendations from the American Heart Association.

The Official Patient''s Sourcebook on Lactose Intolerance: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age

The Official Patient”s Sourcebook on Lactose Intolerance: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age

As with any diet plan that eliminates a food source that’s beneficial for your health, and dairy foods are a vital supply of calcium, you have to make up for the loss using other types of foods.  In lactose intolerant meal plans, non-dairy alternatives for calcium, including almonds, broccoli, soy products, kidney beans, oats and seafood would have to compensate for the difference of calcium.  A meal plan really takes the guesswork out of that.

Search the Internet for Lactose Free Recipes

Another option requires a little more effort, but through the help with the internet you may locate several exceptional recipes and concepts for lactose free diet alternatives.

1.    Baking.  Though not as tasty as butter, coconut oil and some dairy-free spreads (if devoid of lactose and whey) make adequate substitutes.  Soya or rice yoghurt can be substituted for yoghurt or milk for baking goods.

2.    Frying.  Butter results in a pleasant caramelizing taste, however olive or vegetable oil is often utilized in frying and sautéing.

3.    Custard and cream desserts.  The substitute milk products can be used with the usual recipes, but then might provide the dessert a slightly dissimilar taste than milk.  If that presents an issue, increase the amount of the flavoring you utilize, be it lemon, chocolate, etc.

There are approaches to get around the lactose intolerance issues, as dining will not be pleasing having to put up with the irritation.  If you found this information interesting, the eat clean diet is one more that you should read.


Best Vegetarian Meals, and What They Can Do for Your Health

Include these Foods for Best Vegetarian Meals

The best vegetarian meals are sought out for more reasons than only health.  Feeling more invigorated is certainly a prime reason.  But there are also moral, cultural and religious reasons for opting for vegetarian diets.  But for whatever the motivation might be, you should be aware of what you may have to take nutritionally to make up for what might be lacking in the diet.

Best Vegetarian Meals

It is not a good idea to ignore what might be missing in your new diet.  There is a modified vegetarian diet called the flexitarian diet (more about that in the video at the bottom).  It is also plant-based, but would allow small quantities of needed foods like dairy, meat, fish and poultry.  But speak with a doctor or registered dietitian for a plan to be sure your dietary needs are met.

When on any diet plan for any fast healthy meals, it is imperative that you meet all of the nutritional requirements you require.  As with any diet, this means using a wide variety of foods in multiple food groups, with fruits and vegetables be sure to use multiple colors.  Foods from only one group will not provide all the nutrients necessary for optimum health.

Your Best Vegetarian Meals Must Make Up for Lost Nutrients

Areas in the vegetarian diet that you may need to consider to supplement will be omega-3 fats, protein, zinc and vitamin B-12.

Omega-3 fatty acids.  These fats are necessary for a well-rounded diet, but some vegetarians do not eat fish.  This is especially true of nutritious salmon, as it is an important nutritional source. Plant based omega-3 might seem like an option, but in many instances they do not convert well in the system.  Fortified products or vitamin supplementation may be necessary.

The New Becoming Vegetarian: The Essential Guide To A Healthy Vegetarian Diet

The New Becoming Vegetarian: The Essential Guide To A Healthy Vegetarian Diet

Protein.  There are options for plant-based protein in lentils and legumes, whole grains, nuts rich in protein and soy products.  This might not be enough for people needing high amounts of protein, such as body builders or high-level athletes.  Using supplements or a large assortment of these foods will be needed.

Zinc. There are many plant-based sources of zinc, but like iron is not absorbed easily into the system from plants as from animals.  If dairy is part of your vegetarian diet cheese is a good source.  Plants that are good for zinc are legumes, wheat germ, nuts, soy, and whole grains.

Vitamin B-12. This is one particular vitamin almost exclusive to animal products, and it is important for producing red blood cells.  Anemia is one result of B-12 deficiency.  Fortified soy products, B-12 supplements and vitamin-enriched cereals are important dietary options.

Have a Diet Strategy When Looking for the Best Vegetarian Meals

If this diet is what you choose, get into it with a precise strategy.  Those deficiencies mentioned above can be compensated for, but you must be totally aware of their consequences.   There are ways to take planning these meals out of your hands, like meal delivery plans, (see  There are vegetarian meal planning options that leave your meal planning to dietitians.  Check out the pages on this site for more information if you’re searching for the top vegetarian meal plans.


Cooking with Cast Iron Skillet for Healthier Cooking

Cooking With Cast Iron Skillet- It’s Truly Healthier

Cast Iron Skillet

When we look back to the hey-day of cooking with cast iron skillet, many people will look back fondly to those days.  It does date back a long time, but we still see movies about how families cooked with them, and somehow we think those times must have been better.  Actually, probably 90% of their lives back then were worse than we have it today, but once in a while we get one of those back-to-the-future items that did the job better than what we have now.

Cooking with Cast Iron Is Making a Comeback

Those cast iron skillets have been making a comeback in many kitchens, and for good reason.  Here we will point out the health benefits of cooking with this old standby, and why we highly recommend that anyone who is intent on spending more time in the kitchen cooking should use them.  They are much healthier than those low-priced pans we’ve been using the last few years.

If cooking with cast iron skillet has so many advantages, why did people stop using them years ago? It’s because they didn’t know of their health benefits back then.  Technology took over in the 1960’s, and Teflon-coated cookware that had non-stick properties replaced the heavy cast iron.  They were lighter to work with, cheaper (even though they didn’t last nearly as long), and seemed to do the job.

Cooking With Cast Iron Skillet Has the Three Following Advantages

Now we have had a chance to take a new look at Teflon, and cast iron now seems to be the healthier option.

Sizzling Skillets And Other One-Pot Wonders

Sizzling Skillets And Other One-Pot Wonders

1.    You’ll be able to use reduced oil.   The less oil we use in cooking, the better it will be for us health wise.  Some Healthy Oils are better than others, but all are high in calories.  So the more we can minimize the use of oils the better.

First, the skillet must be properly seasoned.  When it is it will have a shine to it, giving it non-stick properties.  To do this, pour a half inch of premium cooking oil in the skillet with a thick layer of kosher salt.  Next heat it until the oil starts to smoke.  Then pour everything into a container, use paper towels to rub the interior of the pan until it has a nice sheen. When cleaning, never use soap and water but rub it using a stiff brush, rinse with hot water and dry thoroughly.

2.    It’s a substance free alternative. Cooking with cast iron skillet will never give you the problems of dangerous chemicals.  The repellent that is used on non-stick Teflon pans contains fluorocarbons, or PFCs.  When these pans become heated to the extreme, these PFCs get released, and they become part of the air we breathe.  Furthermore, if the pan gets damaged or chipped, these damaging chemicals can be picked up by the food in the pan.  We have none of these issues cooking with cast iron.

3.    It fortifies the meal with iron.  What will leach into the food won’t be chemical substances, but iron, and that is a good thing for people with iron deficiency issuesIron deficiency is rather common, as it’s estimated that 10% of American women are iron-deficient.  Tomatoes are one type of food that can elevate iron content when cooked in cast iron by as much as 20 times.  This is due to their acidity.

Cast-iron skillets are great conductors of heat and be used almost indefinitely. If you are not into cooking, you might be interested to learn about how to combine food and spices, but strongly consider cooking with  cast iron skillet.