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Cooking with Cast Iron Skillet for Healthier Cooking

Cooking With Cast Iron Skillet- It’s Truly Healthier

Cast Iron Skillet

When we look back to the hey-day of cooking with cast iron skillet, many people will look back fondly with nostalgia.  It does date back a long time, but we still see movies about how families cooked with them, and somehow we think those times must have been better.  Actually, probably 90% of their lives back then were worse than we have it today, but once in a while we get one of those back-to-the-future items that did the job better than what we have now.

Cooking with Cast Iron Is Making a Comeback

Those cast iron skillets have been making a comeback in many kitchens, and for good reason.  Here we will point out the health benefits of cooking with this old standby, and why we highly recommend that anyone who is intent on spending more time in the kitchen cooking should use them.  They are much healthier than those low-priced pans we’ve been using the last few years.

If cooking with cast iron skillet has so many advantages, why did people stop using them years ago? It’s because they didn’t know of their health benefits back then.  Technology took over in the 1960’s, and Teflon-coated cookware that had non-stick properties replaced the heavy cast iron.  They were lighter to work with, cheaper (even though they didn’t last nearly as long), and seemed to do the job.

Cooking With Cast Iron Skillet Has the Three Following Advantages

Now we have had a chance to take a new look at Teflon, and cast iron now seems to be the healthier option.

Sizzling Skillets And Other One-Pot Wonders

Sizzling Skillets And Other One-Pot Wonders

1.    You’ll be able to use reduced oil.   The less oil we use in cooking, the better it will be for us health wise.  Some Healthy Oils are better than others, but all are high with Caloric Content.  So the more we can minimize the use of oils the better.

First, the skillet must be properly seasoned.  When it is it will have a shine to it, giving it non-stick properties.  To do this, pour a half inch of premium cooking oil in the skillet with a thick layer of kosher salt.  Next heat it until the oil starts to smoke.  Then pour everything into a container, use paper towels to rub the interior of the pan until it has a nice sheen. When cleaning, never use soap and water but rub it using a stiff brush, rinse with hot water and dry thoroughly.

2.    It’s a substance free alternative. Cooking with cast iron skillet will never give you the problems of dangerous chemicals.  The repellent that is used on non-stick Teflon pans contains perflurocarbons, or PFCs.  When these pans become heated to the extreme, these PFCs get released, and they become part of the air we breathe.  Furthermore, if the pan gets damaged or chipped, these damaging chemicals can be picked up by the food in the pan.  We have none of these issues cooking with cast iron.

3.    It fortifies the meal with iron.  What will leach into the food won’t be chemical substances, but iron, and that is a good thing for people with iron deficiency issues.  Iron Deficiency is rather common, as it’s estimated that 10% of American women are iron-deficient.  Tomatoes are one type of food that can elevate iron content when cooked in cast iron by as much as 20 times.  This is due to their acidity.

Cast-iron skillets are great conductors of heat and be used almost indefinitely. If you a’re into cooking, you might be interested to learn about how to combine Food and Spices, but strongly consider cooking with  cast iron skillet.


Best Breakfast Food- What to Look for and Also What to Avoid

Start the Day Right With the Best Breakfast Food

Having your best breakfast food every day is an essential way to get your day going. This food not only has to be substantial enough to keep the hunger pangs at bay throughout the morning, but must have nutritional value.  Our blood sugar levels are the lowest at this time of day, and injecting sugar into the system is the last thing we need. This is going to be the meal that keeps us on track for the rest of the day.

The following are some of the foods you should never consume.  This obviously isn’t a complete list, and might include your favorites, but it will give you an idea of what you should be trying to avoid.

Do Not Include these in Your Best Breakfast Food

Starting the Day Right

1.    Sugar.  Cereals that are sugar-based, along with sweet rolls will give you a sugar-jolt, but it isn’t the kind of jolt you’re looking for, especially that time of day.  You may avoid some of the sugar with cake doughnuts as yeast donuts, but the tradeoff is consuming twice as much fat.  The frying shortening they use may also be Tran’s fat.

2.    Saturated fats.  Bacon and sausage are breakfast favorites, but the Saturated Fats can lead to clogged arteries.  A better option to frying the meat would be to grill it, as that will eliminate much of the unwanted fat.

3.    Sodium.  Along with all that bad sugar an animal fat, breakfast food that is bad for you will have high levels of sodium.  Salt is one of the major causes of high blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease and stroke, two of the three highest causes of death in the US.

What You Should Be Looking for in Your Best Breakfast Food

Here are some of the things that should be among your best breakfast food:

The Big Book of Breakfast

The Big Book of Breakfast

1.    Protein.  Foods that will keep you going for a longer period of time are eggs, dairy products and lean meat. With most of these foods it is how they are prepared that is often the cause of problems. For instance, eggs eaten in moderation are great, but not when they are cooked in saturated fat. Try 100% whole-grain toast with peanut or almond butter for a quick, high protein start to the day.

2.    High fiber foods. High nutrition but low calorie breakfast options are fruits, vegetables and whole grains. For weight reduction, keep the fruits to portion-control size as they are elevated in fructose. We normally don’t often consider fruit for breakfast, although a full English breakfast always includes tomato.  But peppers, onions and mushrooms in an omelet is an excellent choice for breakfast.

3.    Fat-free Greek yogurt.  For breakfast dairy options, a fat-free Benefits of Greek Yogurt with fresh fruit is excellent.  It is fast becoming a favorite with yogurt lovers.

4.    Lemon in hot water.  Try squeezing a quarter of a fresh lemon inot a cup of hot water, add a little cayenne pepper and stir.  This is a great component for the Liver Cleansing Diet and can be incorporated within your breakfast.  These are great liver cleansers, and taken every day will be great for helping this vital organ.

Time is often the biggest issue we have with getting a nutritious breakfast, but there are ways around this.  Much can often be done to prepare your breakfast the night before, so all you have to do is reheat and eat.  If you like hard-boiled eggs, they can be prepared in advance.  Just use a little creativity and you will be able to start the day with a healthy breakfast.



Signs of Food Allergy and Food Intolerance

Signs of Food Allergy v. Food Intolerance

Signs of food allergy and food intolerance can have some of the same indicators, as they can cause confusion as a result.  Intolerance for certain foods usually does not bring on critical issues that food allergies often do, plus they usually cause problems only in the digestive system.  Food allergies on the other hand can severely affect vital body organs that can be life-threatening.

signs of food allergies

Common Foods that Cause Allergic Reaction

When you have a negative response to a certain food, you should be familiar with the differences in the two.  The threat to your health plus your treatment remedies will be different for each.  Take a look at some of the Meal Delivery Plans such as or Diets-to-Go that are available.  Using these meal plans will provide you a prepared diet that can address these dietary needs.

Be Aware of the Signs of Food Allergy in Various Foods

As stated, thinking you have an allergy to a certain food could just be intolerance.  One of the primary examples of the inability to digest a certain food is lactose.  Lactose Intoleranceis a sort of irritable bowel syndrome, and they may be caused by psychological issues such as stress, gluten, (a protein found in wheat and other grains), or food poisons caused by toxins.

The Food Allergy Cure

The Food Allergy Cure

Another issue for dietary concerns is the sensitivity for food additives.  Sulfur-based compounds in the form of sulfites can appear in foods naturally or as additives to enhance the taste of food or as preservatives.  It is estimated by the FDA that 1% of the population in the US may have susceptibility to the compound, and that is probably understated.  Plus it can crop up at any time, and its causes are unknown at present

Sulfites are now banned on vegetables and fruits that can be eaten without being cooked, such as apples, they could still be found in processed foods.  By reading ingredient labels on all foods, and checking for such ingredients as sodium metabisulfite, potassium bisulfate or metabisulfite, sodium bisulfate or sulfur dioxide, you can go along way to protecting yourself from these harmful ingredients.

Signs of Food Allergy Are More Critical

Food allergies can be much more problematical.  These reactions to food protein happen when the body’s immune system, mistakenly identifying food proteins as a threat, causes an allergic reaction.  These reactions can range from mild to critical.

Some of the areas that may be infected would be the skin, often in the form of hives.  Also, stomach ache and nausea may occur, but the most serious is when the respiratory tract is closed.  Termed anaphylaxis, medical attention should be sot immediately.

Peanuts are one of the most common foods to bring on these conditions, and they can be very harsh.  If you do have any food allergies and are dining out, it would be a good idea to let them know before ordering.

Diet has such a huge part in our quality of life, but not only what good things foods can do for us but also what harm they may cause.  Certain foods that are perfectly safe and normal for some people to eat can be life-threatening for others.  And it really gets dicey when people who have had no allergic reaction to certain foods suddenly break out in a rash.  Understanding the difference in an allergy and just intolerance is something we all should be aware of.

Understanding the liver’s function in all of this will help to appreciate the significance of this vital organ.  Its part in eliminating poisons, and what we can do to help the process is an part in our overall health.  Putting these Liver Cleansing Foods into our diet is believed to play an important role in our ability to deal with these toxins as they enter our body.   These are types of foods that are commonplace in most diets.