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how to lose weight

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

Will Intermittent Fasting Help You to Lose Weight?

Under some circumstances, there is substantial evidence now stating intermittent fasting for weight loss actually can work for many people.   Intermittent fasting means spacing your final meal of the day and your first meal the following day farther apart by as much as 16 hours.  The rational behind this study is that after you eat, the body requires about 6-8 hours to metabolize that glycogen, and when it’s gone the body goes into its fat stores.

But when we initiate feeding our body before that six to eight time period, or before the glycogen is used, we never allow our system tap into our fat storage.  This will make it very difficult to ever shake off weight.  Of course we can go too far when we fast.   Once we go past a certain point, our system realizes it isn’t likely to get any more food and goes into hunger mode, or doesn’t burn any more calories.  At that time it essentially stops using our surplus fat.

Benefits Greater than Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

Assessments show that there are greater health benefits to intermittent fasting.  These include increasing insulin sensitivity, reducing oxidative stress, and boost in the capacity for resisting cellular stress.  All of these will check aging of the cells as well as preventing diseases associated with cell damage.

So is definitely an intermittent fasting strategy right for everyone?  Actually, all of the components which go into healthy reduction of weight make it virtually impossible to get one magic bullet that will be appropriate for everyone.  First, it is safe saying that pregnant women ought to never fast.  A baby needs all of the nutrition they can get, and some scientific studies have in fact suggested that fasting may alter the child’s heartbeat and breathing patterns, along with increasing gestational diabetes.

People who suffer from hypoglycemia, a condition of abnormally diminished amount of blood sugar, shouldn’t go through durations of fasting.  The objective if you have this condition would be to regulate your blood sugar levels to begin with, after that if you choose to fast opt for a less rigid variety of fasting.  Those with diabetes additionally won’t be helped by intermittent fasting.

Finally, you must grasp that provided you have decided to fast, you should pay even more attention to your nutrition amounts whenever you do eat.  By continuing with a toxic-rich eating routine of highly processed foods, after that proceed not to eat for 15 or 16 hours, you can actually be doing your body more harm than good for the long run.  Creating a healthy diet plan to make sure you get the proper nutrition within the shorter time period you will be eating in will be vital.

When you are going to make large changes within your diet, even when they are healthy changes which will eventually greatly benefit you, it might take a short while for your system to adapt to the change.  But hear what your body tells you, and if you are going too fast for your system to adapt to those differences, no need to fight it.  Just go a bit slower with the changes, and your system is going to eventually adapt.


Steel Cut vs Rolled Oats

Steel-Cut vs Rolled Oats- What is Healthier for You?

When it relates to breakfast food, you can’t do much better than oatmeal.  At the time I was living in Great Britain it always went by the name of porridge, and although many people eat oatmeal in the United States it it seems to be more popular there than in the U.S.  It has a long and important history there, as it had been the peasant food for centuries, particularly in Scotland and Ireland.

When these places weren’t blessed with an abundance of healthy natural types of foods like we will witness in the Mediterranean region, having oatmeal being a basic became extremely important.  Dietary fiber will be on the top of its list of nutrients, plus the bonus here with oatmeal is its combination of roughly 50/50 insoluble and soluble fibers.  Both are really important to our health for suitable digestion.  It will be moreover thought to be heart-healthy due to its tocotrienols, which are antioxidant compounds which inhibit cholesterol synthesis giving you lower blood cholesterol.

Oatmeal Offers Great Benefits in Dietary Fiber

Other benefits to having soluble dietary fiber in the body is the way it controls blood glucose and insulin levels, therefore preventing insulin spikes and diabetic problems.  It really works by slowing down digestion by forming a gel in the intestines as it becomes absorbed in water.  The gel becomes digested more slowly, prolonging the length of time the carbohydrates become taken into the system.  With slower absorption dramatic spikes of sugar levels in your blood stream will be avoided.

Which takes us to the initial query: what is actually better, steel cut vs rolled oats..  The answer is from an absorption point of view, we are going to go with the steel cut oats.  They are basically identical oats as rolled, but it is the way they are processed that produces the difference.  Since steel-cut are denser, they are going to take longer to digest as opposed to rolled oats.  And generally speaking, the more any food is processed, or the less natural it really is, the less healthy it will be for you.  The minimal quantity of processing that goes into steel-cut oats make them the more healthy alternative.

Steel Cut vs Rolled Oats Are a Little Harder to Prepare

The downside (but it isn’t really much of a downside when health is concerned) is that they’re a bit harder to prepare.  Steel cut oats require somewhat longer to cook up, although we believe it’s worth the time.  Blend 3 cups of water, one cup of steel cut oats, and a small amount of salt to bring out the naturally nutty flavor.  Similar to cooking rice or quinoa, bring to a boil, after that reduce the heat back to let it simmer but don’t cover the pan.  Stir regularly then at roughly the 20 minute mark start checking the progress of the oats.  The longer you let it cook at this point, the less chewy it is going to be.

Finish the oatmeal off with some fruit, dried or fresh, and toasted nuts.  Cinnamon additionally works well, as does a spoonful of honey or maple syrup.  If you are cooking breakfast for only one or two people, it is possible to prepare a larger amount and store it in the fridge for up to a week.  Just microwave it for only a minute, mix in a little milk and heat for another minute.

Late Night Snacks- Here Is What to Eat and Not Eat

For Your Late Night Snacks, Careful What You Eat

There has been quite a lot of research with the consequences of your late night snacks consumption and its effect on weight gain, and unfortunately one can find conflicting views.  Some experts have concluded that when you consume fat will not make a difference that the body will deal with it the same whether it is day or night.

Late night snacksOthers say the time of day you take in calories will make a great deal of difference.  They say our bodies will process these nutrients differently depending on the time of day.  They point to workers who must eat at odd hours of the day because of shift work and their tendency to be overweight.  But for those of us who do eat prior to bedtime, what we eat and how much will have a bearing on our ability to sleep, and all of this will affect our weight.

To Sleep More Efficiently, Avoid These Foods

What are a few foods that we should try to avoid before bedtime?  Some of them, by the way, might actually be good for you most of the time, just not to get you through a long nights slumber.

Snacks Can Be Nutritious And Good Choices For Kids1.  Spicy types of foods.  These types of foods naturally can cause indigestion and other stomach issues.  They can also initiate other issues when they trigger endorphins to be released.  This can cause difficulty in sleeping.
2.  Caffeine.  Most people would not down coffee before bedtime and anticipate falling to sleep, nonetheless could be unaware that many foods, for example dark chocolate, contain enough caffeine to keep you wide awake.
3.  High fat foods.  If what you eat is heavy in oils or cheese it will sit within the digestive area during the night.
4.  Ice cream.  The sugar within ice cream, along the sugar contained in every fare such as sweet cereals or candy, aren’t the things you need within your system prior to going to sleep.
5. Red meat.  Since it requires the proteins and fat a long time for digestion in beef, it just is going to sit in your digestive system, causing sleep to become a difficulty.
6. Nuts.  They are very healthy, however their fiber could make digestion complicated, causing restless nights.

If you did not realize it, healthy meal delivery plans (see include built-in snacks to account for your pre sleep food shortage bouts.  Now for some good for you late night snack choices:

1.    Blueberries.  A small amount will certainly give you natural vitamins, fiber and antioxidants.  Top using just a little light whipping cream.
2.   Popcorn.  Fat-free microwave popcorn, or air-pop your own, and do not add any butter.  Rather experiment a little with spices, maybe incorporating some sweet cinnamon, cayenne pepper for a little gusto, or tangy lime powder.  Permit your mind to run wild, but utilize with moderate quantities.
3.    Lean meat on whole wheat bread.  Just keep it to reasonable portion amount.
4.    Fat free Greek yogurt.  Quickly getting to be a popular wonder product you should eat, it will be elevated in protein, reduced in sugar, and really makes you feel full.  Include your ideal fruit.
5.     Crackers.  As opposed to nuts, one can find healthful kinds such a reduced-fat rye, multi grain Wasa crackers, or numerous other healthy choices.  Add a small slice of lean lunch meat or light cheese.
6.    Water.  Lastly, and maybe most importantly, water (see does drinking water help you to lose weight) alleviates drying out, which is one of the foremost causes for hunger and cravings.  Water and a bit of something else might be everything you need.

A couple of final thoughts:  it is a snack and not a meal, so keep it to under 300 calories, and don’t eat minimally an hour prior to going to sleep to give you a little time to digest.


The Eat Clean Diet- Will It Work for You?

The Eat Clean Diet

This diet calls itself more than a diet, but a lifestyle way of eating.  It promises if followed you can reduce your weight, eat more healthy food, and therefore reach your optimum health.  We think there are many positives to this diet, in addition to some negatives, and point out how it pertains to the average person on a long-term weight loss program.  As per the banner, there is a wide amount of information on the Eat Clean Diet, including meal plans, books with glossy pictures, along with motivation tips and nutritional information.

Eat Clean Diet For Family & KidsWhat Works With the Eat Clean Diet

We agree to their general diet principles of diets that are abundant in plant food, which includes whole grains and lean protein and healthy organic fat.  Weight loss, their position is, would be attributed to 80% diet and 10% exercise, with hereditary factors comprising the final 10%.  We think that exercise definitely plays a bigger role.

A nutritious breakfast with lean protein and carbohydrates high in fiber will be a cornerstone of the diet.  The target in calorie content for every meal throughout the day is 200-300, including one complex carbohydrate including protein, and plenty of water every day.  A combination of weight training and cardio at least three times per week for 30 minute durations added to this diet, and you should lose weight.  These points we all agree with strongly.

And What Doesn’t Work With the Eat Clean Diet

All of the points covered above will be the foundation of practically every credible diet.  Additionally, completely eliminating sugar, Trans fat, preservatives as well as all artificial ingredients should be done by everyone. The part that we would disagree with the Eat Clean Diet is the total elimination of alcohol, except perhaps a once a week glass of red wine, foods “whose label ingredients you can’t pronounce”, and all saturated fats. And never eat in restaurants.  Because a lot of a particular food is bad, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is equally as bad when consumed in moderation.

We must exhibit more latitude and be allowed to on occasion get away from our diet, or merely people who are willing to put themselves through a lifestyle of a Spartan could keep this diet on a long-term basis.  Occasionally eating out  is a social experience, and to ask people to take that out of their lives is not feasible for many.  The reason we want a long, healthy life is not to have a long life of drudgery. Instead, we can still partake in those satisfying things in life through proper preparation, making wise choices and allowing ourselves a few indulgences.

If you eat out just because you hate to cook, get into the habit.  Personally, I couldn’t see myself cooking anything twenty years ago.  But once I got into it, there becomes certainly something satisfying to experimenting and creating healthy, but delicious dishes.  And you don’t have to be a chef to do it.  Or if cooking will never be your thing, there are many great meal delivery plansavailable (see our website  Regarding alcohol, there have been many studies showing that when consumed in moderation it can be cardio-protective.  The same for saturated fats: the body can handle them in moderation, but too much will be harmful to most people.

The Eat Clean Diet basically consists of nutrition-filled recipes, and they are presented in an easy to understand way.  We feel that it demands too much structure for most people, and that food should be fun as well as nutritious.  But if you look it over you will find many of its principles beneficial.


Crash Diets That Work? Unforturnately Not for Long

The Effectiveness of Crash Diets

Are there crash diets that work?  The answer to that is that they can, but not really the way you would like them to.  So let me explain.  For a short period of time you can lose weight, but it is usually just water, and that quick weight loss will soon be a weight gain. If you try to turn that into a long-term thing, you will probably be getting into areas that very well may risk your health.  And the methods used by promoters of crash diets can have some less-than honorable methods.  Let’s examine a few.

What to Watch For When Searching Out Crash Diets That Work

If there is some “too good to be true” way of losing weight quick, it probably is.  Whatever the latest in-vogue quick weight reduction phenomenon is, they will be advertised to death.  Here are some things to look out for:

Tired of Diets? Hate Going to a Gym? Want to Lose Weight? Let''s Talk!

Tired of Diets? Hate Going to a Gym? Want to Lose Weight? Let”s Talk!

1. Complimentary trial offers. You will be told you can cancel when your billing cycle is up, but good luck with that. As part of the free trial, you will give out your bank number, but when you try to cancel, you may get some unsatisfactory explanation as to why they can’t cancel your order. We know that reputable companies don’t have to do this, but when you are dealing with quick-fix artists, they don’t plan to be around for long. Customer relations are not on the top of their list.

2. Bait and switch. You sign up for a promotional product, and some unrelated product with its own recurring billing plan shows up.

3. Check their email.  If you can’t find a business phone or an address, they probably are an outfit that is on the move and not to be dealt with

Sometimes details can be there, but often buried on page 13 with the fine print, which unless we are attorneys we don’t get around to reading.  Do a search for the company, and beware if nothing comes up. The Better Business Bureau can also be a good source.  If they aren’t listed, or have numerous complaints registered against them, avoid them at all costs.

Most businesses are in it for the long term and want happy customers.  And if they want to keep those customers they want take care of complaints and keep those customers happy.  Companies that are in it for the quick buck don’t really care about customers that aren’t happy, because when one quick-fix scheme has dried up, they’re on to the next.  It really is hard for the authorities to keep up with these guys.

How to Find Better Options to Those “Crash Diets That Work”

crash diets that workOur page on cheat on diet deals with how to take a long-term approach to dieting by incorporating small indulgences in our plan.  A meal plan called Diets-to-Go we promote not only for its quality and affordability, but also it’s versatility.  There are vegetarian and diabetic plans specifically tailored to the needs of people with special dietary requirements.  Foods from the Mediterranean is another benchmark for proper eating, and the great thing about these foods is that it is an approach to life through diet and exercise.

Just be aware of unreasonable guarantees, because anything as difficult as taking weight off will require hard work, discipline, and most of all patience to maintain a long-term approach.  Rather than looking for the quick-fix, look to change your entire life, starting with today.

I remember reading the testimonial from the doubting journalist who, upon trying the miracle product, within fifteen days did a 180 degree turn on the viability of the product.  I just shake my head to think how naive these salespeople must think we are.  Solid scientific testing is what we are looking for, and often even that will be called into question.  By taking the word of one person who supposedly tried the product and now is trying to sell it to us is absurd.



Clean Eating Meal Plan Proven to Lose Weight

Clean Eating Meal Plan

Losing weight through a clean eating meal plan does not have to become impossible, or even difficult. A clean eating meal delivery plan is proven to lose weight.  It require little discipline, as long as you stay on a simple to follow schedule. No more traveling to the supermarket and reading ingredients labels and check calories.  Just choose a plan that is right for you, such as vegan, low-fat vegetarian, diabetic, or just a traditional low-fat option.

We know you want to improve your diet.  Our site deals with many of the issues involved in not just making your diet more healthy, but more interesting. Meal Delivery Plans offers an entire array of plans relating to healthy diet. If you are into cooking your own meals, Mediterranean Diet Recipes is another way of eating that is an excellent diet that is both healthy and delicious.

Is a Clean Eating Meal Plan Expensive?

Eat Clean Diet For Family & Kids

Eat Clean Diet For the Whole Family

You probably reason that to get prepared meals delivered to you would have to be very expensive, or of poor quality.  Not anymore.  The whole industry has come far in the last few years, and although there are high priced alternatives, you don’t have to pay a premium.

There are also some great values for meals that nearly everyone can afford.  Diets-to-Go have many different plans that range in cost from less than $20.00 per day.  This would include three meals every day.  Their highest priced meal is under $23.oo per day for a thirty net carb meal, and that includes twenty one meals each week.

You never have to worry about the quality, and they deliver more than 30000 meals each week. Obviously they can’t afford to let their quality slip. If you eat out regularly you could easily save money by replacing those meals with clean eating meal plans, and have greater control over your portions in the process.

Let’s say you are away from home quite a lot.  Most programs will allow for that.  If you’re on a trip for a week, you can stop the program and resume it at no cost when you return. There is flexibility also for if you don’t want lunch for instance, just write it out of your plan. Indulgence foods are also provided, but they stay safely in your healthy diet.

Here Is How a Clean Eating Meal Plan Work

clean eating meal plan

An Example of a Meal Delivered to Your Doorstep


The way they work is to shop around and find one that fits your needs specifically. After you have chosen your plan and the number of meals you would like delivered weekly, the rest is up to them. Condiments, juices and other treats will be built in.

There is a great variety in the meals delivered to you, and it changes on a weekly basis. A sampling of what you may get would be chicken pizza with broccoli and for desserts angel food cake with a cream sauce made from strawberries. A further example is a medley of seafood and a small grain roll, and for dessert chocolate pudding.

Is simple, quite inexpensive, offers a great deal of flexibility, and if you work exercise in you should lose weight. We highly recommend Diets-to-Go, but there are other choices such as Nutrisystem, BistroMD, eDiets, and many others. All have their advantages, but it is up to you to pick and choose the one right for you.


Mediterranean Diet Recipes for a Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Mediterranean diet recipes have traditionally been the culture of coastal regions of Greece and southern Italy for generations.  This diet offers many nutritional benefits that are found in most fat burning foods. The world first became exposed to this diet following the Second World War, as military personnel who served in the area spread the word as to their benefits. In the middle 1990s various recipe cookbook gave the diet its present-day effect.

Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Olive Oil is a Characteristic of the Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Diet and health reports have linked the Mediterranean diet to longer life, lower cardiovascular disease, dementia and various cancers.  It is also believed to help prevent Type-2 diabetes in addition to Parkinson’s disease and gall bladder issues. That is quite an impressive record. But here we will scrutinize whether the Mediterranean diet plan also promotes fat loss.

The Lifestyle Benefits of Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Weight loss is not the primary objective of the Mediterranean diet, but it is thought more as a way of life.  Consumed on a regular basis it will provide the necessary nutritional intake that we all need, and because it has these benefits it will contribute to weight loss. Here are some of the characteristics that are key to Mediterranean diet recipes:

  1. Abundant in plant food.  Vegetables and fruits are a mainstay in the diet, and because they are seasonally grown and fresh the processing will be minimal.
  2. Limited beef.  In its place will be fish (at least twice each week) and poultry.
  3. More natural foods; less processed foods.  Mediterranean diet recipes emphasize natural foods that are foods that are unprocessed.  In most cases because they are organic, or have been treated minimally by chemicals, you will not have the issues that come with putting pesticides into you system.
  4. Use of olive oil.  The advantages of using olive oil as opposed to other oils are well documented.  Its abundance of antioxidative substances and because it is more monounsaturated fat makes it a much healthier fat alternative.
  5. Herbs and spices.  These are used in abundance when flavoring foods in lieu of salt.
  6. Low-fat dairy.  Skim milk, low-fat cheese and yogurt that are fat-free will be a part to the diet.
  7. Red wine.  Used in moderation during meal, this not only makes the dining experience better for many people but have health benefits in their own right.
Mediterranean Diet Cookbook For Dummies

Mediterranean Diet Cookbook For Dummies

This is simply a quick outline of the Mediterranean diet recipes. As pointed out, it is not designed specially as a low fat diet program for rapid weight loss.  However because of the foods it promotes (and conversely meals that you need to avoid), if consumed moderately and with some exercise, it’s going to spontaneously help you to lose extra pounds.

It should not be considered a quick-fix, and if you must drop ten pounds for your wedding next week, using the Mediterranean diet for the week undoubtedly will not do that. It is a long-term approach to living a fit lifestyle. It is a diet where you’ll be able to consume ample quantities of delicious meals with multiple methods in which they can be prepared.

We have found that most diets, if rigorously followed over a period of time, will yield weight reduction results. But the difficulty becomes when dieters are tempted by foods that aren’t within their dieting regimen. They may not be able to continue that Spartan way of life and then give in to temptation, and the matter is blamed on the shortage of determination. Mediterranean diet recipes take away the need for strength of will and that is what makes it dissimilar from most diet programs.

So now you hopefully are won over that this diet will be of help to you, you’ll need to know how to arrange some of these delectable low fat diet dishes. There are many excellent cookbooks on the market.  Or if you don’t have much time to cook, check out our site on for information on fast healthy meals.