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vegetarian diet

Steel Cut vs Rolled Oats

Steel-Cut vs Rolled Oats- What is Healthier for You?

When it relates to breakfast food, you can’t do much better than oatmeal.  At the time I was living in Great Britain it always went by the name of porridge, and although many people eat oatmeal in the United States it it seems to be more popular there than in the U.S.  It has a long and important history there, as it had been the peasant food for centuries, particularly in Scotland and Ireland.

When these places weren’t blessed with an abundance of healthy natural types of foods like we will witness in the Mediterranean region, having oatmeal being a basic became extremely important.  Dietary fiber will be on the top of its list of nutrients, plus the bonus here with oatmeal is its combination of roughly 50/50 insoluble and soluble fibers.  Both are really important to our health for suitable digestion.  It will be moreover thought to be heart-healthy due to its tocotrienols, which are antioxidant compounds which inhibit cholesterol synthesis giving you lower blood cholesterol.

Oatmeal Offers Great Benefits in Dietary Fiber

Other benefits to having soluble dietary fiber in the body is the way it controls blood glucose and insulin levels, therefore preventing insulin spikes and diabetic problems.  It really works by slowing down digestion by forming a gel in the intestines as it becomes absorbed in water.  The gel becomes digested more slowly, prolonging the length of time the carbohydrates become taken into the system.  With slower absorption dramatic spikes of sugar levels in your blood stream will be avoided.

Which takes us to the initial query: what is actually better, steel cut vs rolled oats..  The answer is from an absorption point of view, we are going to go with the steel cut oats.  They are basically identical oats as rolled, but it is the way they are processed that produces the difference.  Since steel-cut are denser, they are going to take longer to digest as opposed to rolled oats.  And generally speaking, the more any food is processed, or the less natural it really is, the less healthy it will be for you.  The minimal quantity of processing that goes into steel-cut oats make them the more healthy alternative.

Steel Cut vs Rolled Oats Are a Little Harder to Prepare

The downside (but it isn’t really much of a downside when health is concerned) is that they’re a bit harder to prepare.  Steel cut oats require somewhat longer to cook up, although we believe it’s worth the time.  Blend 3 cups of water, one cup of steel cut oats, and a small amount of salt to bring out the naturally nutty flavor.  Similar to cooking rice or quinoa, bring to a boil, after that reduce the heat back to let it simmer but don’t cover the pan.  Stir regularly then at roughly the 20 minute mark start checking the progress of the oats.  The longer you let it cook at this point, the less chewy it is going to be.

Finish the oatmeal off with some fruit, dried or fresh, and toasted nuts.  Cinnamon additionally works well, as does a spoonful of honey or maple syrup.  If you are cooking breakfast for only one or two people, it is possible to prepare a larger amount and store it in the fridge for up to a week.  Just microwave it for only a minute, mix in a little milk and heat for another minute.

Best Vegetarian Meals, and What They Can Do for Your Health

Include these Foods for Best Vegetarian Meals

The best vegetarian meals are sought out for more reasons than only health.  Feeling more invigorated is certainly a prime reason.  But there are also moral, cultural and religious reasons for opting for vegetarian diets.  But for whatever the motivation might be, you should be aware of what you may have to take nutritionally to make up for what might be lacking in the diet.

Best Vegetarian Meals

It is not a good idea to ignore what might be missing in your new diet.  There is a modified vegetarian diet called the flexitarian diet (more about that in the video at the bottom).  It is also plant-based, but would allow small quantities of needed foods like dairy, meat, fish and poultry.  But speak with a doctor or registered dietitian for a plan to be sure your dietary needs are met.

When on any diet plan for any fast healthy meals, it is imperative that you meet all of the nutritional requirements you require.  As with any diet, this means using a wide variety of foods in multiple food groups, with fruits and vegetables be sure to use multiple colors.  Foods from only one group will not provide all the nutrients necessary for optimum health.

Your Best Vegetarian Meals Must Make Up for Lost Nutrients

Areas in the vegetarian diet that you may need to consider to supplement will be omega-3 fats, protein, zinc and vitamin B-12.

Omega-3 fatty acids.  These fats are necessary for a well-rounded diet, but some vegetarians do not eat fish.  This is especially true of nutritious salmon, as it is an important nutritional source. Plant based omega-3 might seem like an option, but in many instances they do not convert well in the system.  Fortified products or vitamin supplementation may be necessary.

The New Becoming Vegetarian: The Essential Guide To A Healthy Vegetarian Diet

The New Becoming Vegetarian: The Essential Guide To A Healthy Vegetarian Diet

Protein.  There are options for plant-based protein in lentils and legumes, whole grains, nuts rich in protein and soy products.  This might not be enough for people needing high amounts of protein, such as body builders or high-level athletes.  Using supplements or a large assortment of these foods will be needed.

Zinc. There are many plant-based sources of zinc, but like iron is not absorbed easily into the system from plants as from animals.  If dairy is part of your vegetarian diet cheese is a good source.  Plants that are good for zinc are legumes, wheat germ, nuts, soy, and whole grains.

Vitamin B-12. This is one particular vitamin almost exclusive to animal products, and it is important for producing red blood cells.  Anemia is one result of B-12 deficiency.  Fortified soy products, B-12 supplements and vitamin-enriched cereals are important dietary options.

Have a Diet Strategy When Looking for the Best Vegetarian Meals

If this diet is what you choose, get into it with a precise strategy.  Those deficiencies mentioned above can be compensated for, but you must be totally aware of their consequences.   There are ways to take planning these meals out of your hands, like meal delivery plans, (see  There are vegetarian meal planning options that leave your meal planning to dietitians.  Check out the pages on this site for more information if you’re searching for the top vegetarian meal plans.


Why Be a Vegetarian- Various Things to Consider

Why Be a Vegetarian- Is it for You?

These are a few reasons to consider this diet plan, so there are different reasons for why be a vegetarian.  People that opt for vegetarian meal plans have different reasons, or a combination of more than one.  Here we would like to focus on three of the main arguments for a vegetarian diet.  Some are very applicable, some have some fact but their argument is somewhat hard to fully buy into, and some reasons are more humorous than credible.  So let’s examine some of the reasons, and see what stands up to hard evidence. For more on a diet that takes vegetarianism further, read about vegan diets.

Our Three Reasons of Why Be a Vegetarian

Why Be a Vegetarian

Why Be a Vegetarian

Health Reasons. Testing has shown that vegetarians are at less risk for cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetic issues.  Also they have shown to have greater endurance and less cases of obesity.  This has been determined by those on a vegetarian diet as opposed to a standard American diet.

There probably isn’t a dietician in the United States that would dispute the fact that the American diet is way too high in animal products and not high enough in fruits and vegetables.  That is an argument to alter the standard American diet, not to completely throw it out in favor of full vegetarianism.  As we see often in diets, moderation is a better choice than elimination.

The Eat-Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook

The Eat-Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook

Additionally, vegetarians probably do have less disease and better stamina, but can we credit a vegetarian diet for that entirely?  If a person is on this diet for health purposes, they probably lead a totally healthy lifestyle in all aspects, such as more exercise and no smoking.  Those factors would also contribute to better stamina and less disease.  To be able to make the case for vegetarianism they ought to cite studies evaluating only vegetarian versus a sensible diet plan.  To my knowledge there has not been a study separating these factors out.

Environmental Reasons.  This may be the most valid argument in support of a vegetarian diet. Meat is found to have higher levels of pesticides over plant food.  This can cause health concerns, especially if taken in large doses.  And when there is a product recall or health issues including salmonella or listeria monocytogenes, which often originate from products from animals.

Arguments that more land must be used to produce animal food as opposed to an unadulterated vegetarian diet appear a bit far-fetched.  When land becomes such a shortage for producing food cheaply, the price for that food will go up dramatically.  This will cause more people to consume more affordable types of foods.

Animal Welfare Reasons.  For people who have a morality issue with millions of animals being killed to feed humans, it would be a great reason to go on a vegetarian diet.  But humans have been raising animals for consumption throughout much of human history, and that will not change within our lifetimes.  There continues to be an effort within the farming industry in many areas of the world to create more humane conditions for animals.  The animal activists who have labored to see this happening should be commended, and much work still has to be done.  But its vision is not the end of animal farming.

It’s an Individual’s Call on Why Be a Vegetarian

This article is not in favor or in opposition to vegetarianism, because anyone who feels it is right for them should by all means start.  In vegetarian meal plans we discuss some of the great food options vegetarians have now, but there are dietary implications that should be examined before you embark on your new diet.  As far as valid reasons, there is generally some fact backed up by embellishment, and the argument for vegetarianism isn’t different.


Vegan Meal Plans- Why They Are Taking On Greater Popularity

Dietary Considerations With Vegan Meal Plans

The term veganism is the belief that animal goods should never be consumed.  Here we would like to talk about how you can incorporate vegan meal plans into your life-plan. The definition of the vegan diet we will use here a specific type of diet that excludes all animal products.  You might call it precise vegetarianism.

vegan meal plans

Consider a Vegan Diet

Foods that vegans will not eat are mayonnaise, honey, eggs, cheese, and of course meat; basically anything that was once an animal.  It is hard to know the popularity of veganism in meat-eating America. But with the number of vegan cookbooks and the seemingly popularity gains in this niche market, it is safe to say that it is becoming more popular.

Factors for Vegan Meals Becoming More Popular

So why are more people moving to this diet?  Here are some reasons:

1.    There are now more choices of foods that fit the vegan diet.
2.    People are becoming more concerned with animal rights.
3.    There are now perceived health benefits, and vitamins are available to fill nutritional gaps.
4.    More recognizable people have taken on the diet.
5.    People that have become more apprehensive about meat industry standards.
6.    Greater education of vegan diet concepts.

Living Vegan For Dummies

Living Vegan For Dummies

The issues concerning vegan diets go beyond those of a diet for vegetarians . Without proper planning a person could become defiant in iron, zinc, vitamins B12, B2 and D, as well as omega-3s.  Therefore, it would be a great idea to consult a doctor or dietician to make sure you are supplementing with those essential nutrients.

With professional help, you will know that all your dietary needs are being met.  In our day and age, unlike years ago there is enough knowledge on what is needed, and what tests can be done, to make available information to any person that wants to know their nutritional needs.

What Is the Health Payback With Vegan Meal Plans

The American Dietetic Association affirms that if a vegan diet is well-planned and satisfactory from a nutritional standpoint, there are benefits to be gained.  Cancer as well as certain other conditions may be treated and prevented, or at least assisting in the prevention. The key is to make sure the loss of nutrition has been replaced.

Other payback for those on vegan meal plans is controlling hypertension, high cholesterol and type-2 diabetes. Typically a person on a vegan diet will have lower body mass index and will live longer.  All excellent reasons to look into this diet.

We are not taking the position, however, that there is a cause/effect relationship between vegan diets and these health benefits.  People that watch their diets are also undoubtedly into an all-around healthy lifestyle, and as a result would probably be healthier than the general public without the diet.  But we can be sure that for the most part this diet will work.

Our discussion here is about vegan diets and health, but as stated earlier there are other reasons for this diet which are very compelling.  Other diets like  vegetarian meals can also yield health benefits.  We praise your efforts if you are willing to pursue one of these healthy plans.


Sample Meal Plans- There’s Something for Everyone

Sample Meal Plans

If you have been contemplating a home meal delivery service but don’t know quite where to start, let me share with you a few options with sample meal plans.  There are plans for high fiber diets, Mediterranean diets, healthy heart diets, low cholesterol diets, low carb diets, Vegetarian Meal Planning, low fat, low sodium and sugar, and plans for losing weight.   These diet plans fit every need, and the following are a few examples of sample meal plans.

A Few Popular Sample Meal Plans from

Meals That Heal: A Nutraceutical Approach to Diet & Health

Meals That Heal: A Nutraceutical Approach to Diet & Health

Low-fat meal plan.

If you are looking for Low Carbohydrate meals, this would not be what you are looking for.  But if you are trying to reduce your intake of fat to reduce weight or lower your heart attack risk, this is a good plan.  This plan for breakfast could encompass waffles topped with ricotta-blueberry, and lunch might be a potato with cheese broccoli, along with balsamic tomatoes and yogurt with strawberries.  For dinner you could have chicken with pepper sauté and rice pilaf, fruit and salad.

High-fiber meal plan.

Fiber is great for digestion, and this plan would be the way to go to improve digestion.  This diet plan will make you feel more full for a longer time after eating, and will emphasize Fiber Rich Foods like fruits and vegetables.  Breakfast might consist of cereal, milk that is nonfat, fruit and almonds.  A sample lunch could consist of a tuna salad, whole wheat crackers, carrot and some fruit.  For your final meal a beef and pepper sauté along with rice pilaf.  Fruit, whole wheat crackers along with cheese that is low-fat would top off the meal.

Heart-healthy meal plan.

This is an overall meal plan is designed for general heart health and high blood pressure.  Breakfast might include whole grain cereal, milk (nonfat, of course), and fruit.  Cuban rice and beans and spinach salad with fruit could be you lunch, and finally chicken grilled with sweet potato and vegetables, and for dessert or snack a low-fat muffin with herbal tea.

Wheat-free meal plan.

sample meal plans

Chart Your Sample Meal Plans

As just another example, there are plans for people that are sensitive to wheat, and need adequate substitutes for products that are wheat-based.  A breakfast with this plan could be eggs scrambled with rice cake and peanut butter.  Lunch with such a sample meal plan may be turkey taco salad along with tortilla chips and fruit, and dinner could be lemon pepper salmon with brown rice and a nice spinach salad.  The day could be topped off with a pineapple fruit shake.

As you can see there are any number of sample meal plans available through your Diet Home Delivery meal program.

If your desire is for a normal, standard cuisine there are great meal plans for that, or if you need a more specialized diet they can do that as well.  Look over these pages to find information on all sorts of diet plans, as well as why you should avoid crash diets that only offer quick fixes.   Meal Delivery Plans continue to get more sophisticated all the time, and now you will find the varieties of choices nearly endless.


Vegetarian Meal Planning- Vegetarian Meals Delivered

Vegetarian Meal Planning

Vegetarian Meal Planning

Delicious Vegetarian Food

Specialty meals that are home-delivered are becoming the choice for more people all the time.  They provide easy ways for eating healthy, and allow the consumer to target the exact type of diet they are looking for.  In the case of vegetarians, meals can be home delivered that take the work out of menu-planning.

Not only can vegetarian meals be delivered for consumption every day, but there are vegan meal plans for those that want to take their meatless meals even further, and looking at other meal plans you will get an overview of how these healthy meal home delivery plans work.  Read more on our homepage

Vegetarian Meal Planning Is Goes Back a Long Way

There are records of vegetarianism going back to the sixth century BC in Greece along with India.  It became practically unknown with the birth of Christianity until and including the Renaissance period.  Finally, vegetarianism in the 19th and 20th century began to make a comeback.

There are many subgroups within the vegetarian diet.  Depending on the type of vegetarianism, certain foods will be excluded.  Ovo vegetarianism can have dairy products, but not eggs.  Buddhist vegetarianism cannot include animal products in the diet, in addition to vegetables that are in the allium group, which includes garlic and onions.  Typically we refer to a vegetarian diet as plant-base, and will exclude all seafood and meat.

How Does Vegetarian Meal Planning Maintain Good Health?

Dieticians as of late have begun to realize the benefits of the vegetarian diet.  The American Dietetic Association has said that if the diet is planned properly it will be “healthful, nutritionally adequate, and provides health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases”.  These diets are reduced in saturated fats, protein from animal as well as cholesterol, and elevated in carbohydrates, foods rich in fiber, magnesium, folate, and antioxidants.

There are many healthy reasons people would tend to go with a vegetarian diet, such as reduction in blood pressure, a lower tendency of certain dementias like Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, and a lower cancer risk.  These are just tendency, and are not to say there is a true cause and effect.  People who are on vegetarian diets may well be doing it to stay healthier, and there would not be apt to take part in smoking and drug abuse.  That would go against their healthy lifestyle tendencies.

Dietary Concerns with Vegetarian Meal Planning

The New Becoming Vegetarian: The Essential Guide To A Healthy Vegetarian Diet

The New Becoming Vegetarian: The Essential Guide To A Healthy Vegetarian Diet

There have been concerns by dieticians that certain nutrients may not be provided with a strict vegetarian diet.  Some of these would be vitamin B12, fatty acids, vitamin D, calcium, protein and iron.  Of these, fatty acids are of the most concern.  A vegetarian could get Omega 3 fatty acids from walnuts, pumpkin seeds, kiwi fruit and soy, but those may not be commonly consumed foods.

Vegetarian meals home delivered could answer your problems if you don’t want the bother of reading labels at the store and searching around for just the right foods.  Those dieticians that plan the vegetarian meals at the services we recommend do the work for you.  It’s an efficient, simple and less costly way to make sure you diet will be nutritious as well as proper vegetarian.The meal varieties will also be a great dining experience.