The Eat Clean Diet- Does It Work?

One of the trendy diets that have gained some attention is the Eat-Clean Diet.  The Eat-Clean Diet is “a lifestyle way of eating that allows you to eat more, weigh less, and become the healthiest you can be.”   We will look for the positives and negatives of this diet, and how it pertains to what we think a proper diet for the average person trying to lose weight on a long-term basis would be.  There are several magazines and journals, and the Eat-Clean Diet book is full of glossy pictures, grocery lists, meal plans, and nutritional information to motivate the dieter.

What Works With the Eat Clean Diet

The general diet is rich in plant food, including whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, nonfat dairy and healthy organic fats.   Their emphasis for good health and weight loss would be 80% food, 10% exercise, and 10% genes.  Cornerstones of the plan are regular exercise and a calorie-controlled diet high in fiber, with lean protein to satisfy hunger on less calories.  A nutritious breakfast with high fiber carbohydrates, lean protein and some healthy fat throughout the day will boost metabolism.  Each meal during the day should be between 200-300 calories, a complex carbohydrate with protein at every meal, and drink at least eight cups of water daily.  Add weight training and physical activity a minimum three days a week for about 30 minutes, and you should lose about three pounds a week.  So far, we would agree with everything they say.




And What Doesn’t Work With the Eat Clean Diet eDiets Meal Delivery - 1 FREE Week!

Exercising, consuming fruits, vegetables and lean meats while controlling portion sizes, and exercising is the recommendation of any credible diet.  Also, the total elimination of artificial ingredients, preservatives, sugars and trans fat no credible dietician would disagree with.  But we disagree with the total elimination of saturated fat, foods “whose ingredients you can’t pronounce”, the elimination of alcohol except perhaps a once a week glass of red wine, and when traveling bring your own food to avoid eating in restaurants.  There must be more latitude to Cheat on Diet, or only those willing to live the most Spartan lifestyle will be able to maintain it over the long-term.  Dining out occasionally is a social experience, and for any program to ask you to eliminate that would be asking quite a lot.  Instead, work the dining out experience with eating healthy, portion controlled food, and if the portions are too large have the discipline to take the surplus home.  If you are in the habit of eating out just because you don’t want to go to the bother of cooking, either get into cooking (which if you give it a shot you might find you like it), or get into one of the many great Meal Delivery Plans available.  And as for alcohol, studies have shown that small amounts can be cardio-protective, and the same goes for saturated fats: too much will be harmful but the body can handle small amounts.

So our conclusion is the eat clean diet in its basic form with its nutrition-rich recipes and easy to read manner can be very helpful for dieters to move to a healthy lifestyle, but its overly structured approach takes so much fun out of dining that most people may see it as too restrictive to maintain on a long-term basis.  Look it over, and apply its beneficial aspects.

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