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Why Be a Vegetarian- Various Things to Consider

Why Be a Vegetarian- Is it for You?

These are a few reasons to consider this diet plan, so there are different reasons for why be a vegetarian.  People that opt for vegetarian meal plans have different reasons, or a combination of more than one.  Here we would like to focus on three of the main arguments for a vegetarian diet.  Some are very applicable, some have some fact but their argument is somewhat hard to fully buy into, and some reasons are more humorous than credible.  So let’s examine some of the reasons, and see what stands up to hard evidence. For more on a diet that takes vegetarianism further, read about vegan diets.

Our Three Reasons of Why Be a Vegetarian

Why Be a Vegetarian

Why Be a Vegetarian

Health Reasons. Testing has shown that vegetarians are at less risk for cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetic issues.  Also they have shown to have greater endurance and less cases of obesity.  This has been determined by those on a vegetarian diet as opposed to a standard American diet.

There probably isn’t a dietician in the United States that would dispute the fact that the American diet is way too high in animal products and not high enough in fruits and vegetables.  That is an argument to alter the standard American diet, not to completely throw it out in favor of full vegetarianism.  As we see often in diets, moderation is a better choice than elimination.

The Eat-Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook

The Eat-Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook

Additionally, vegetarians probably do have less disease and better stamina, but can we credit a vegetarian diet for that entirely?  If a person is on this diet for health purposes, they probably lead a totally healthy lifestyle in all aspects, such as more exercise and no smoking.  Those factors would also contribute to better stamina and less disease.  To be able to make the case for vegetarianism they ought to cite studies evaluating only vegetarian versus a sensible diet plan.  To my knowledge there has not been a study separating these factors out.

Environmental Reasons.  This may be the most valid argument in support of a vegetarian diet. Meat is found to have higher levels of pesticides over plant food.  This can cause health concerns, especially if taken in large doses.  And when there is a product recall or health issues including salmonella or listeria monocytogenes, which often originate from products from animals.

Arguments that more land must be used to produce animal food as opposed to an unadulterated vegetarian diet appear a bit far-fetched.  When land becomes such a shortage for producing food cheaply, the price for that food will go up dramatically.  This will cause more people to consume more affordable types of foods.

Animal Welfare Reasons.  For people who have a morality issue with millions of animals being killed to feed humans, it would be a great reason to go on a vegetarian diet.  But humans have been raising animals for consumption throughout much of human history, and that will not change within our lifetimes.  There continues to be an effort within the farming industry in many areas of the world to create more humane conditions for animals.  The animal activists who have labored to see this happening should be commended, and much work still has to be done.  But its vision is not the end of animal farming.

It’s an Individual’s Call on Why Be a Vegetarian

This article is not in favor or in opposition to vegetarianism, because anyone who feels it is right for them should by all means start.  In vegetarian meal plans we discuss some of the great food options vegetarians have now, but there are dietary implications that should be examined before you embark on your new diet.  As far as valid reasons, there is generally some fact backed up by embellishment, and the argument for vegetarianism isn’t different.


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